11th Sep 2003, 14:06

I own a 1999 Ford mustang and if it were a real horse I'd have to shoot it. I would love to watch it burn, but then I am stuck with a $330 payment pile of ashes instead of a $330 vehicle that barely makes me to work and back everyday.

9th Oct 2003, 12:39

If you like mustangs and you want a fast one, try a cobra or steeds, or better yet a Saleen. NOT GT... or, just work on ur shifting.

13th Feb 2004, 15:28

I'm sure all of you are as upset as I am about the death of the F-body. I think it's a mistake, because now the Mustang is going to have a platter full of variety, that's going to end up causing inflation for prospective new buyers.

Anyhow, I'd just like to make a comment about the Ford/GM war. I've grown up with 4 older brothers, and have actually witnessed the evolution of the Camaro, T/A, and Mustang. I love all of the beasts in almost all of their incarnations. But the fact is, for those who contested the supercharged power of these cars, go to vortechsuperchargers.com. You'll see that the 4.6 liter is capable of higher revs and more horsepower. I still find that a larger displacement is key, but in this case the F-body fails.

4th Aug 2004, 19:01

I have a 1999 Mustang GT and I LOVE IT! It may not be the fastest car in the world, but it definitely can hold its own. As far as the imports go, Yeah, You can get 1200 HP as long as you spray the hell out of them. I personally don't believe in spraying. American muscle is all you need. I've seen people spraying their Mustangs and Imports and getting 7 second times in 1/8ths, but the thing is, a friend of mine has a 67' GTO with 427 and he beats those times on just the motor! Why do you need spray when you can have American muscle and don't have to risk blowing your engine? My last comment is this, R.I.P. Camaros and Trans-Ams. Mustangs RULE!!

18th Oct 2004, 18:20

My '99 Cobra beta all of them. Of course that's on juice...

19th Nov 2006, 20:20

Why would I buy a lousy Mustang or Camaro? Buy a 350Z. A 350Z can be equally as fast, and get a lot better gas mileage. And, 20 years/ 250k miles from now, that 350Z will be just as fast on the original motor. American cars are lousy.

3rd Jul 2007, 21:49

Mustangs Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st