29th Jun 2006, 20:39

First of all, manufacturers SHOULD take care of problems like this. I bought a Chrysler product a few years back and had exactly the same problem with the paint peeling off the front of the car. They fixed it with no hassle at all. If the problem was present BEFORE 36,000 miles(and you can prove it) or three years, then Ford is obligated by law to fix it unless they can prove it was caused by chemicals. Normally Ford paint jobs are top notch. I've owned 6 Mustangs since 1972 and never had any paint problems with any of them. One of them was 14 years old when I sold it and still looked brand new. Of course, all my cars are waxed twice a year with high-quality past wax. The 2001 I drive now looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

26th Jul 2006, 17:28

We bought a used 2002 Mustang Coupe and it, too, has the paint peeling off the hood now that the warranty has expired. Any new developments?

26th Apr 2007, 11:01

I also own a 2002 Mustang mine is GT and the paint is peeling off the hood and like you Ford says it is not there problem. You can tell it was not bonding correctly to the metal. Nothing that I did caused this problem. Didn't Ford have a similar problem in the 70's?

18th Jun 2007, 22:27

I own a 2002 sonic blue mustang coupe and the paint started peeling off of my hood about a year ago. I now have six or seven large chunks of paint missing -- one is about four inches long. I took the car to the dealer today and was quoted $700 to strip and paint the hood. The dealer was "shocked" and insisted that I must have replaced the factory hood with one of lesser quality. This is not the case... no damage was ever done to the hood and nothing was replaced... this one is all Ford.

25th Jul 2007, 14:34

I have a 1997 Ford Mustang and my paint started peeling back too! Once it starts there is little you can do to stop it and it progresses very fast. Yes this is a Ford defect... are they going to admit it... what do you think!

13th Apr 2015, 21:15

I've owned and driven my 02 GT every day since the last part of 01. It is Spring 2015 now! It's the best car I've ever owned! The Mustang GT 5 speed 4.6 V8s are built Ford Tough! I've used Mobil 1 oil 10w 30, same in the trans also! Never had one minute of trouble. My baby's got over 240000 miles and she's ready for a road trip to the moon and back! I've owned Z-28s; they're just not built with the same toughness. Ford Mustangs GTs are just made tough!