18th Dec 2000, 16:27

Had my car only 8 days when a fire in the engine compartment erupted while at a red light. The car had been returned to the Ford dealer two days earlier for because I could smell gas. The dealer said it was common if you filled gas tank up.

Called the dealer on the afternoon of the fire and he said to drive it in and he would take another look. I told him he could take his look on the news tonight.

My next car will be a Toyota.


4th Jan 2001, 12:39

I have a 2000 Mustang GT Convertible that stalls randomly. It has stalled at least 5 times in 8000 miles. I have had it in 3 times for this problem, only to hear the words "the computer cannot detect any problems!" I'm sick of hearing this or that about how it cannot be fixed. What should I do??? They told me my only chance is to turn it in as a lemon, but I don't want to spend the money to hire the necessary attorney.

4th Jan 2001, 15:05

I too have a 2000 Mustang GT that has stalling problems. I plan on utilizing the Ford arbitration provisions and if that's not successful, suing for them to take the car back.

23rd Feb 2001, 17:52

Here's a thought... Learn how to shift. Here's another thought... Buy an automatic. I own a '99 GT and I love it. 0 problems. This also happens to be my 4th Mustang. Makes ya wonder where the problem really is.

13th Mar 2001, 18:01

I never owned a high power mustang but I did test drive one, before I bought my basic 4-cylinder in 92' (which turned out to be a lemon)

The GT I test drove stalled many times and I drove a stick for over 20 years, the problem obviously wasnt the driver it was the car. FORD SUCKS!-sorry to say.

Mustangs are great cars-Classics- if you find the well built ones that are far and few between!

I was very disappointed to have to sell my mustang, but the problems were way to constant for a car that was maintained very well. Ford is famous for having not very well manufactured cars.

3rd Apr 2001, 20:14

I will tell ya what it is with the Mustangs. Why everybody is complaining - 4.6 POWER, it just ain't right for a Mustang, 5.0 302 lives forever. That is what they need to put back in them. 4.6 is not the answer. They rev like a 6 cylinder. The mustangs need that low torque 302. That is all I got to say.

16th May 2001, 00:35

Ford makes pretty horrible cars. I threw out my old Mustang because it pretty much collapsed on me and got myself a Kia Rio. The Rio chews up Mustangs every time I race.

20th May 2001, 15:37

I have a 99 Mustang GT Convertible. It's an automatic. It sure seems that it doesn't have any power off the line. Hell you can't even squeal the tires. I wonder if a different gear in the rear end would help. Thinking of getting rid of my stang.


14th Jun 2001, 09:46

1999 Mustang GT with the 1/3000 Special 35th Anniversary Package.

What a disappointing waste of money. There are so many things wrong or going wrong with the damn thing. Already I had to replace the interior door panels, replace the tie-rods, various cheap plastic parts. The paint quality is the worst. It is cracking and spidering in places you shouldn't have such problems. 2 yr old car?!?! Ford has the styling - now time for the mechanics! Going back to the real Fords - anyone got a 71 Torino Cobra Jet for sale?

11th May 2002, 11:24

I bought the 35th anniversary 1/3000 in 6/1999. It has been a great car with only very minor issues. The tie rods needed replaced, and one factory recall for wiring. Other than that it's a good looking quick car that gets a lot of looks and beats 99% of the Camaros on the track. Great car, a bit over priced, but a kick to drive. Super job Ford. By the way there are a few very inexpensive mods that you can do to your Mustang GT that will give you an easy 300 hp for under $300.00.

22nd Jul 2002, 16:15

This car has so many problems, it isn't funny. It's one of the reasons that I bought a Firehawk. The SVT cobra I had was the worst car I drove. Ever. I frequently had problems with the clutch, stalled frequently, and was not very fast. I lost to Camaro's all the time, so I bought a Firehawk. Now I am much happier, It is a much better car than the Mustang.

26th Jul 2002, 14:37

Common fix to the stalling problems would be replace the asy-throttle air by-pass. My 1999 mustang typically stalled at idle at stop signs and red lights. I found the solution to this common ford problem on an explorer web site. Any suggestions on a type of clutch and components that I should purchase and install myself. I'm on my 3rd clutch in 30k miles in regular/above normal traffic. I won't pay $835 again.

8th Aug 2002, 14:38

I own a 2000 GT 5 spd. and it's great. I run 100 shot nos every chance I get. Even new vett's can't touch it. (11.80 1/4 mile) I also had the stalling problem, put a cold air kit on,and what do you know just fine.

29th Nov 2002, 11:52

I have a 1999 GT (Limited Edition) with 44,000 miles. it is a great car, I have experienced the stalling problem, but rarely. Overall, it been a joy to own.

27th Dec 2002, 10:51

I have the 2000 GT. I have the stalling problem only when the car is cold. It has died on me within a mile of startup about 4 times. It has 47000 miles. I've had no other "problems" yet. Also I think the last couple of people are right, you just need to let it breathe more -- get the K&N air filter immediately, it's only $50 and you end up saving because you clean it yourself (very easy) and it gives you about 4 hp. Beyond that, the larger throttle body and a cold air intake should solve the cold start problem, which is very common on the 4.6L's. I think changing the throttle body would require some additional mods like reprogramming the computer and maybe a new mass air sensor.

12th Feb 2003, 11:43

I have a 1999 Mustang 5 speed and have had problems for about a year with the gear grinding, but only when going into 5th gear. I also have a problem with the whining on the exhaust. What's the deal??

18th Feb 2003, 00:30

I know the original comment was posted quite a while ago, but if anyone is still interested, I have experienced and solved a stalling problem. The problem with my '98 Mustang GT was with the mass air flow sensor, which is connected to the metal housing just aft of the air cleaner housing. My GT was in several times for the problem, but, as it would occur randomly (and never when I could get in to have it serviced), it continually went undiagnosed. Also, several computer diagnostic tests couldn't pick it up. Only when I finally brought it creeping into the dealer at 10 miles per hour and hazard lights flashing did they finally get that I wasn't just exaggerating a small issue.

In discussing the history of the car with friends and mechanics, I always say that the best thing I ever bought from a Ford dealer was an extended warranty (75,000 Premium Care bumper to bumper... as I write this my sticky throttle is being covered by the warranty at the local dealer).

As for the guy who claims that the problem lies with those who cannot drive manual transmissions, I think that comments such as yours are utterly uninformative and the result of someone who talks cars, but doesn't know cars at all. My family has been driving Fords since the late 1920s, but I think this idiotic brand devotion causes more problems than it solves.