22nd Oct 2007, 21:53

I'm baffled that I keep reading about Mustang steering wheels vibrating, and see comments that "This is normal". NO, it ISN'T normal!!! As a car enthusiast and mechanic, I can assure you that a vibrating steering wheel in ANY car is not "normal".

I'm now driving my 7th Mustang (a 2007) and only one of mine has ever had the slightest shake or vibration in the steering wheel, except for one that had an out of balance tire (taken care of under warranty). If I had a vibration in the steering wheel, I'd demand that the problem be corrected. A dealer who tells you it is "normal" is just trying to avoid finding the real cause and fixing it. If your dealers are refusing to fix the vibration, you should go to a Ford district office and insist that the problem be corrected. My current Mustang is smooth as silk and vibration free up to the engine cut-off limit. If it weren't it would go back to the dealer pronto.

1st Jan 2008, 17:24

I saw a lot of shaky steering wheel claims too on the Mustang. How can you feel like that is a normal thing? I had 2 fox body Mustangs and never experienced any steering wheel shake in either of them. It seems like these newer cars are really built to less tolerance for quality control (which is sad for what they now cost). I guess they can get away with it, though, as long as people continue to accept this as "normal" and "sporty feeling". To the guy with the T-5 problems: buy an automatic. If you are frying T-5 trannies you evidently don't have a clue how to drive a stick. These things are rock solid after many years of speed shifting and spinning the tires well into third gear with NO problems. I would never replace one of mine with an expensive aftermarket unit. Lack of driving skill and knowledge can get pretty expensive, don't you think?

23rd Mar 2008, 12:27

I love the new Mustangs. As far as a manual tranny over an automatic. With the shift kits available for automatics, you can beef up and change shift points and even make one to only shift manually. Some guys I know on the drag strip won't have anything but an automatic. They work fine in big block old muscle cars. I had an old '70 Sport Fury with a 3-speed auto and out ran a lot of Trans Ams, etc.Romp on the accelerator of it, and nothing but smoke out of both rear wheel wells. So don't knock automatics until you've ran one after it is modified.