2006 Ford Mustang Pony Package 4.0 from North America


Retro style in a modern world


Shocks, struts, thermostat housing, brakes, harmonic balancer, convertible top weathered, rack and pinion, power steering pump, serpentine belt.

General Comments:

Even with the issues that I had with the car, I absolutely loved it and regret getting rid of it. I had put a lot of work into making it my own. I traded it in for a 2014 and immediately had buyers regret. Don't get me wrong, the 2014 is nice, but it doesn't have that retro feel that my 2006 did. I would definitely own another 2005 to 2009 model.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2021

2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium 4.6 from North America


Great looking, engine is mean, and the 5 speed can take power shifts well


Front strut bearings went bad, causing a thunk sound. Replaced with revised Ford strut bearing, and the sound was fixed.

Filling it up at the gas station required flipping the gas pump handle upside down, otherwise it would automatically shut off. Didn't have any problem filling up at BP gas pumps.

Back tires are useless in hard acceleration. Watch it on a 1-2 powershift around a corner; the backend will swing out on you.

General Comments:

My GT was used when I got it with 6500 miles. Windveil blue, tan leather. I beat it hard. I power shifted first to second gear a lot. Loved the 5 speed. The clutch was awesome. Traction-loc rear axle worked excellent. Mine had the 3.55 gears. Traction control was weird. It really made for a strange burnout if you had the traction control on. Best to leave it off when doing any serious burnouts.

The engine is pure music to the ears. Pure excellence. 300 horses seemed pretty good. The rear tires are not wide enough and have no real traction in hard acceleration. The rear end would often slide out on hard corners with a powershift... but would come back straight like cracking a whip, kinda scary fun.

I bought a GT 500 hood, bumpers, headlights and GT 500 wheels and tires. The new Goodyear Supercar tires made a great improvement in acceleration traction and cornering traction.

I lowered just the rear of the car to get it to sit level with Eibach pro kit springs. Looked awesome after that.

Sold it to get a California Special GT. Loved it.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2010

10th Jul 2010, 20:17

"Didn't have any problem filling up at BP gas pumps."

BP is good at filling up many things. From Mustangs to the Gulf, they can do it all.

2006 Ford Mustang 5 speed from North America


Looks Like a Dream



Terrible WINTER car.

This is a manual. I live on a hill. My parking space is an incline. I must use the Parking Brake. However, under 30 degrees and it's frozen. Cannot be un-frozen manually. You have to wait til the sun warms it up.

FORD says it's not an issue. Just don't use the Parking Brake in the winter. Um...HELLO! Shall I park in my front yard or just let it roll down the hill?

BTW, the one time I did park it without the parking brake - it DID roll down the hill. Into a truck, into my fence, through my gate. You get the pic.

Love the car until 30 degrees.

It's frozen today. 19 degrees overnight and I can't drive. FORD really needs to offe a viable solution.

General Comments:

Car is great looking, fast, sounds good. We've added custom parts to make it look better.

Love it physically.

Hate that darn frozen parking brake.

Guess I'll have to buy another car to drive in the winter.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007

3rd Jan 2008, 18:40

I tried to move my 06 gt after one below zero day with the parking brake up. the car would barely move (like driving with the brake up) but the brake lever itself was totally floppy with no resistance. its been this way for a day. wut should I do?