30th Sep 2008, 02:16

It's been about a year and a half since I originally posted this review, and my Mustang has proven to be as solid as day one.

The V8 is still intoxicating, though with today's gas prices, I'm driving a bit more conservatively (which can yield decent mileage, considering the engine's size/power). Thankfully, it runs on regular unleaded, aka the "cheap stuff".

Handling is still somewhat floaty, but I don't see the Mustang as an all-out sports car. Its high seating position, smooth ride, and comfortable interior make it more of a "cruiser". In this context, its handling is perfectly fine.

People may fault the interior for its gratuitous use of hard plastic, but it has proven to be very durable. Likewise, the leather seats have worn well.

Problems? The head rest is canted a bit too far forward for me, and why don't the seat backs return to their original position after being flipped forward? Lastly, the plastic lever used to flip the passenger seat forward broke off (fixed under warranty).

This is the first domestic car I've ever purchased, and I think the home team hit one out of the park! This is high praise, after owning a wide range of imports (most much more expensive). Anyone looking for a powerful, solid cruiser should give the Mustang GT a serious look.

16th Oct 2010, 06:54

I really have enjoyed my 2006 Premium GT, and the problems have been few. Here's what I have experienced so far.

There is a rattle in the dash somewhere.

The driver's side floor mat lock tab tore off and was fixed under warranty.

The fuel pump was replaced under warranty.

The passenger door handle (outer) was replaced under warranty.

The vinyl material on the door panels have began to come off in some places, requiring it to be glued back with contact cement. Most definitely due to summer heat.

Then there's the universal problem of dissimilar metal corrosion starting to appear under the front lip of the aluminum hood. A problem Ford has admitted is their fault, but failed to do much about until it corrodes all the way through.

Mechanically the vehicle has remained very reliable, and performance levels keep my fun meter pegged out.

About the only thing I am unhappy with mechanically, is the front brakes. They should have had larger rotors and calipers. Would I buy another Mustang GT? Absolutely! Buy American!