10th Apr 2007, 20:16

I'm VERY impressed with the new Mustang. Having owned a '66, '76, '81, '85, '89 and '96, I find the new one to be the best yet. As for the interior having lots of "hard surfaces", that is part of the retro design, and very appropriate. It's part of what I liked about the car. If I get one of the newer ones it will definitely be a V-6, as my experience has been that the 6's are far more reliable than the 8's. I also feel the 6 offers plenty of power for any driving situation.

11th Apr 2007, 11:48

A good thief won't go near a Ford.

14th Apr 2007, 14:09

FINALLY! Someone with the same problem! I have vibrating too right at 70mph! It is your drive train, but don't waste your time replacing it, because it will just do it again!!! The window tint scratches, OMG I paid 130 to have mine tinted, and one week later the tint is getting deep lines in it, and they tell me they can't fix it!! So I guess I'm just suppose to drive around with just the back tinted!!! The plastic inside, hey it's a mid 20's vehicle, not a Beamer. It's part of the style.

28th Aug 2010, 21:40

Vibration are caused my improper wheel balance. There are only a few drive train issues that cause a vibration i.e. universal joints, bent axles etc... Have your wheels checked.

29th Aug 2010, 09:46

What is the big attraction to tinting the windows? Just wear sunglasses; it's cheaper!

23rd Feb 2018, 13:09

They use tinted windows so you can't see inside their cars. Tinted windows are a favorite of drug dealers and criminals, but most people, who aren't criminals, just like the privacy. I think they should be allowed only in emergency vehicles.

23rd Feb 2018, 20:11

Sunglasses won't protect your interior.

24th Feb 2018, 13:00

Spending a lot of our time in Florida, tinting has pluses. This is one of the first aftermarket things done and very common. We go as dark as legally allowable Reduction of sun fading greatly reduced on interiors, lower temps upon entry and air conditioner does not work as hard. Theft of contents is reduced, especially in our open area of the rear of the SUV. We had a sunroof window blow out with intense tropical sun prior to tint. Aesthetics especially on our white cars. It’s a very worthwhile low cost investment. Professionally done it’s right and shouldn’t prevent issues. There’s some care involved, but since it’s done from inside the car it’s no different from cleaning washing etc from the outside. Plus you can wear sunglasses if it’s not enough.