2nd Apr 2009, 01:23

I have a Probe GT with 192,000 miles on it with a full catback exhaust and an intake with a dynopplex chip, and the car still runs 14.6s all day.

It's a nice car to have, but it also has its flaws like most older vehicles do tend to have.

I had the fuel cut out light, but my cat was clogged so I cut it out and threw a test pipe up there and cleared the code, and it was fixed and has not come on in 10,000 miles.

27th Apr 2009, 10:57

I have a 94 Probe GT, and I love it. Have had ZERO problems with the car, other than a slight coolant leak (which fixed itself).

To the guy with the Celica GT-S - I'm assuming that your car is the last body style of Celica (2000+)? If your Probe is slower than your Celica and running "9-12 second 0-60's," then it's either not a GT, or it's been bagged its whole life. Also, NO car that runs to 60 that slow will manage a 15-16 sec. 1/4 mile time (which, consequently, is what a Celica GT-S will run). If you look at the Car & Driver tests of a 1993 Probe GT and a 2002 Celica GT-S, the Probe is faster in every measure of acceleration - 0.3sec. quicker 0-60 (at 7.0sec for the probe GT), 0.4sec. quicker rolling 5-60, 2 sec quicker in the 30-50 and 50-70 top gear tests, and 0.1 sec quicker through the quarter (at 15.5sec.).

28th Nov 2010, 17:48

I have a 1994 Probe SE with the 2.0L.

Recently, I start it up and it idles perfect, then when it warms up, the RPMs drop to just above 0, then the fuel cut out light blinks then it dies. It has no trouble starting up again and when I apply the gas there is no hesitation, seems normal.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be awesome!

Other than this it is a great car and very fun to drive.

9th Apr 2011, 13:54

I had that same problem with my Probe. There is a 100 amp fuse under the hood. You might need to check and see if that fuse popped, because that runs everything in your vehicle...

7th Jun 2013, 13:04

Replace your alternator. You're just going to keep buying batteries if your alternator is bad.