2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 3.0 V6 from North America


An awesome pick-up!


Nothing has gone wrong with the Ranger since I have owned it.

General Comments:

I am very pleased with my Ranger and it was definitely a good buy. It has ran perfectly since I bought it and it has no signs of having any problems any time soon.

There is more engine noise inside of the cab than I expected, but it is a lot quieter inside compared to the same model year Chevy S-10 that I test drove before buying the Ranger. The Chevy also felt cheap inside compared to the Ranger and my old Toyota pick-up, and it felt sluggish when you stepped on the gas compared to the Ranger.

The 4x4 works great. I use it every winter and regularly travel in deep snow.

The stereo in the truck also surprised me when I discovered how well it worked. It can handle high volumes better than any other stock system I've heard.

The only complaints that I have about the Ranger is that it could have a little more power from the 3.0 V6 when towing, and although the gas mileage is what you would expect from a 4x4 pickup, It would be nice if it got more miles to the gallon.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2005

2000 Ford Ranger Long Bed 3.6L Flex Fuel from North America


Five words. Don't buy it


Where do I begin?

Wipers go off by themselves, have for 3 years no matter what I do. It's just random.

Speed sensor tanked after 3 years, was told by my mechanic that they're the worst he's seen.

Transmission shifts hard since 50,000.

General Comments:

I've had this truck too long. It's a piece of garbage. I would never recommend a Ranger to anyone.

The one good thing I can say is that it's cheap. If I'd have dropped some serious cash, I'd be pissed.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

31st Jul 2010, 00:31

Sounds like you might of gotten a lemon by all means. I do know Fords are notorious for their electrical issues, but we've owned about ten Fords in the past twenty years, and never did any of them have major problems, with the exception of our 1997 Mustang's fuel pump failing @170k.

And yes the speed sensor did fail on my 2000 Ranger too, but not until 150k. Pretty sure these things will happen to any vehicles that old eventually.

2000 Ford Ranger standard cab 3.0 V6 from North America


One durable truck


The usual wear and tear items such as brake pads and alternator. Please keep in mind that the vehicle was used as a police unit. The vehicle was always running with the air conditioner running.

General Comments:

We had 5 Rangers in our department. Very fast acceleration with the v6 and durability. We used the Rangers as police units. The Ranger takes curbs, rocks, rear end collisions and cornering without any problems. We managed to rack up 100,000 miles on each of the Rangers. The only problems we experienced was the usual wear and tear items; brakes and alternators.

We drove the hell out of these things and abused them bad. Very determined trucks. Just make sure to get the v6.

Do not... Do not... get the 4 cylinder! It gets the same gas mileage and is not capable of heavy duty usage.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2004

28th Jan 2005, 20:00

I have never seen a police truck before. do you use the trucks as patrol cars??

2000 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 V6 from North America


No complaints here


DPFE sensor went out at about 50,000 miles. A common problem that Ford has remedied with design changes.

The CD player quit working correctly after a couple years, but it probably wasn't taken care of very well.

General Comments:

It has very good performance when considering the size of the engine and the weight of the truck. Could have more power, but definitely a lot more than I expected from a small v6.

Gets pretty good fuel mileage, about 20-23 mpg. Not outstanding, but good for a truck.

Pulls very good. I have.373 gears and it takes hills no problem loaded or unloaded.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004