2001 Ford Ranger Edge 4x4 4.0L V6 from North America


Everything you expect and more from a great line of trucks, even greater improved in 01'


Drive shaft replaced because the truck jerked when it stopped and when it started, under warranty and a TSB.

Fixed and drives smooth as glass now.

Rear leaf-springs squeaked bad over bumps, they REPLACED the whole spring along with the bushings, which were the reason for the squeaks. I didn't complain.

Check engine light went on at 22k or so and it was the tube mounted delta pressure feedback sensor.whew.

That's it so far, and all that was wrong when I bought it, so far taking good care of it pays off.

General Comments:

The new 207hp 4.0 SOHC is a swift cookie compared to the old model, more the 40 more horses, how can you complain. They are quick. They have even more torque than HP, some real get-up. The 5sp auto is pretty cool too, learns your driving habits.

The value is super. I bought mine used with 21k miles for $11k less than it would be new. The Dakota freaks can say they have good power too, but you're going to spend 10k more. They look great, and hold value reasonably well compared to Dodge. Chevy's don't even compare anymore with the current line.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2003

2001 Ford Ranger XLT EDGE V6 from North America


A strong engine, smooth feel, awesome look


Car fell apart at only 66,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Ranger XLT Edge is extremley powerful, very nice looking, and runs very smooth.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2003

2001 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 from North America


I much prefer the Ford Ranger XLT to the Nissan Frontier


Dome light won't shut off sometimes.

Engine knocks when accelerating, especially when going up a hill. It's going in for service tomorrow. Don't know if it jumped timing or if it's an issue with the spark plugs.

The Ranger is a gas guzzler. I'm hoping my next service will straighten out this problem.

Does not ride nearly as well as the Nissan Frontier. Much stiffer suspension.

General Comments:

I like the design of the interior. It is well configured for comfort and easy access.

I like the overall design of the body.

I much prefer the steering in the Ford Ranger over the Nissan Frontier.

The four wheel drive works great.

Even with the engine knocking, it seems to have more power than the Frontier.

The Ranger's response is much quicker than the Frontier.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

2001 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0 V6 from North America


A misleading byproduct!


Drive-shaft replaced at 11213 miles.

Drive-shaft replaced at 17174 miles.

Rear brakes locking up at 28622 miles.

Rear brakes locking up at 29943 miles.

General Comments:

I believe the drive-shaft failure has something to do with the rear brakes locking up.

Ford's version of 4 wheel Anti-lock braking system is misleading, when there are only 3 sensors installed on the vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

2001 Ford Ranger XLT V6 from North America


A gas guzzling expensive for what you get Truck


My biggest issue with my FORD RANGER XLT 4x4 is the poor gas mileage. I usually get 14 mpg in the city, and 16 mpg on the highway. I know people who own the Ford Expedition who get better gas mileage than this.

I've had the vehicle in for service 5 times in relation to the engine hesitating on the highway at higher speeds.

I've had the vehicle in 5 times also for rattles in the driver side window.

Because of Firestone recalls, I had the tires replaced at 5000 miles with Michelin which have been awesome tires.

Most recently while on a 2000 mile road trip, the 'Check Engine' light came on. It states in the manual that this can be due to water in the gas, poor gas quality, or not fastening the fuel cap. Manual reads that after 3 cycles of cold engine, and restart, that the light should reset itself if everything is back in sync. After 12 cycles the light has not gone out so I have to bring it in for service.

Last thing I found out on this trip is that at 90 mph, the engine stalls out because of the governor put on the computer chip. This was a surprise to me as I had not known about this. When driving on 2 lane roads through Nevada, having to make quick passes, it was a bad time to find this out.

If I would have known that 90 mph was the top speed, I would not have purchased the vehicle.

General Comments:

Truck handles well on sharp corners and does have good pick up when Overdrive is used.

I wish Ford could make a V6 engine that got better gas mileage -- or at least make a larger gas tank so a person could get more than 200 miles per tank.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003

24th Feb 2005, 05:43

I agree with you completely. I recently purchased a used (2001) Ranger XLT with the 4.0L V6 and the gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired. I find most of the time I'm getting between 14-16MPG as well. Thinking it's a "light" pickup truck and not a full size (F-150 etc.) I thought the fuel mileage would be better that that. I have the same thing with the governor at 90mph... what's with that? I am curious if Ford is doing this on all years of this vehicle or just 2001? I was going to take it in for service to see if the oxygen sensor or mass flow sensor was shot, but after reading what you wrote, I know it's just the characteristics of the vehicle that are causing these "problems". As far as the check engine light? Mine comes on when I tach about 5500 RPM, seeing there is no "red line" on the tachometer (it tops out at 6000) I think it's a kind of warning.