30th Jul 2007, 06:32

I just heard recently that Ford is discontinuing the Ranger because nobody wants to buy one. I wonder why that is? Sorry you have the misfortune of owning one. Trade it in now, if you can get it to stop sounding like it's going to blow up long enough for a dealership to take it off your hands.

3rd Aug 2007, 17:01

Original poster again: I plan on trading it in as soon as possible, but the truck depresiated fast and now I have to pay it down before I can trade it in. On my way to work today while making a left turn there was a loud electrical buzzing sound coming from the dash. I'll add that to the thing to have my mechanic look at and the reasons I will never own another ranger. I really am trying mot to hate Ford due to all these problems, but it's hard not to hate them after all this crap. I know every company has it's bad ones that come off the line and this cannot be helped that no car is perfect, but this way beyond reason!

19th Aug 2007, 17:59

I have a 02 Ranger extended cab 4x4 with 4.0.nothing but a host of problems since brand new,3 drive shafts, pinging noise from engine which the dealer never could fix, four power window motors,bad rear door latches on both sides, core support rotted out after 2.5 yrs.,2 front crank seals,3 front wheel bearings,

AC condenser, odometer stops when it wants to. Destroys front tires which I notice is a problem on most rangers.

This ranger is driven to and from work rarely tows anything and is driven easily, almost never even on a dirt road.

My question if any one can answer. This truck eats heater cores like they are free 4 in the last year it has had excellent cooling system care and system is clean. What could cause the cores to continually crack.I have tried different brands every time aluminum and copper.

On a lighter note I have got it down to 3.5 hours. to change one.

23rd Aug 2007, 17:15

I have no idea what could cause the, but it does suck to have all these problems. I feel your pain man I get to spend my first commission check from my new job fixing this hunk of crap.

29th Aug 2007, 16:08

Original Poster: I took my truck into the shop about the rattling and the squeak, first the squeak was something stupid and cheap. The dealer put the wrong size belt on, it was too big and caused the tension arm to stretch too far, fixed no problem since. On a worse not the rattling is a bad bearing in the transfer case quoted $700-$800 total repair costs. if this keeps up I might never get my own place, and the cab is way too small to live in. I hate ford right now.

30th Sep 2008, 01:44

I have an 02 XLT and I have had no problems with it. Quite frankly I love the truck and am probably gonna keep it til' it dies.