19th Dec 2008, 17:56

22:23 makes an excellent point. Too many people base their buying decisions on ad hype. The Ranger is a really great little truck. Our family companies have used the Rangers as company vehicles for almost 22 years now. There are still some '93's in the fleet. Getting 300,000 miles out of the very reliable 4 cylinder engines is typical.

I've owned 4 Rangers as personal vehicles since 1992 and none has ever required a single repair.

The October 2007 issue of Consumer Reports features a Ranger with 477,000 trouble-free miles on it.

As a mechanic I'd choose a Ford Ranger over any small pickup on the market. The design may be dated, but the engines and drive trains are rock solid.

3rd Mar 2010, 04:10

I got my 08 Ranger, Blue, ext cab, 4x4, 4L, 5spd, 7 months ago.

The cat needed to be replaced at 23,000k and Ford paid for it.

This is my 4th Ranger, 3 were 4x4. I have owned over 60 vehicles in 25 years of driving and only the 73-79 Dodge power wagon (owned 4 of those, 3 Ramchargers) is a better 4x4 - mostly cause I didn't care about the paint.

I love my little Ranger, it has sweet torque at 3000 rpm and with Scorpion A/T's it handles quite well.

The stock tires are quite lame and need to be replaced as soon as you transfer it into your name.

Next time I am getting the FX4! Nice truck, Thanks Ford.

18th Dec 2014, 01:21

I would never buy another Ranger!!!

23rd Dec 2014, 17:32

I agree I will never buy another Ford!!! Junk is job #1.

23rd Dec 2014, 21:55

My brother's girlfriend has a Ranger with almost 300000 km on the original 2.3 engine. It just keeps going and going. The only problems are rusty bumpers and interior seat fabric wear. Great little trucks!

I also have a friend who owns a Tacoma, great trucks too, but new or used you will pay at least double for a Tacoma; the Ranger is much better value.

25th Dec 2014, 14:20

Ford F series are still the number one selling in America. A nice ride in the new F series, plus they are very sharp looking. Also the new Silverado is great as well. It's amazing how nice they ride and handle for their size. But bring your wallet on both!

25th Dec 2014, 22:51

I've owned four Rangers and all have been absolutely perfect. I have no need for a big truck, so I hope Ford brings the Ranger back. The new Colorado is nice, but grossly overpriced, and I'm afraid of the poor build quality of Japanese trucks.