24th Oct 2007, 09:49

There was a recall on the Firestone tires, the dealer should of replaced them for free. This was not a Ford manufacturing defect, rather one from Firestone.

When you turn, do you lock the wheel? You can damage the power steering pump if you hold the wheel to lock for more than a few seconds, otherwise, the noise is probally just the power steering pump bearing.

Also, all trucks, espically "light trucks", are heavier in the front than in the back unloaded, the engine and the cab are in the front, it just makes sense. As for your bed sagging, you probally overloaded the bed and wore out the leaf springs. And with the locks, maybe you should of bought power door locks, and teach your children not to open car doors while they are moving. The Ranger is a great truck, I just bought a 2000 XLT 2.5L 5 spd and I absolutely love it. I think Ford did a great job with attention to detail, and as far as safety goes, the Ranger got full stars for frontal and side crash impact tests.

24th Oct 2007, 13:00

Comment 09:49 is correct. My vehicle had the Firestone tires replaced free by the dealer. I was even given a loaner vehicle to drive while the tires were replaced (there was a wait due to the high volume of tire replacements being done in my area).

As for the power steering, you definitely do not need to hold the steering wheel all the way into the lock for more than a few seconds. This applies to ANY vehicle with power steering.

I've owned 4 Rangers, and our family's 2 companies use them as service vehicles. They have proven to be the most economical and reliable small truck on the market. None of my 4 Rangers ever experienced ANY problems, and 300,000 miles out of our fleet trucks is common.