4th Dec 2002, 19:31

I have a 87 model, that has been beat to heck, and has AWESOME low end Torque from the 2.9L V-6, I haven't found anything it wouldn't yank. It also has well over 300K miles.

20th Feb 2003, 14:57

I just bought mine, a 91 ranger (same as 87w/ slight body changes) from my dad and I have no regrets. the torque pumped out by the 2.9l 6 cylinder motor is great. the 4 wheel drive is great for off road and snow conditions. I only got stuck once a 3 ft snow drift. only problem I have is theres something leaking on the clutch, so its extremely grabby and sensitive, which took a little getting used to. (great for burnouts)

19th Oct 2003, 11:10

I had a 1987 Ford Ranger. In 117,000 miles, the truck had the front and rear brake pads replaced, the exhaust replaced, and some minor work to correct a front alignment problem.

I wish I had that truck back. It was the best vehicle I ever owned. Parts were cheap, and you could change the oil yourself for $8.

27th Mar 2004, 09:01

This is an update. The truck just rolled over 200,000 miles a week ago and it is still running good. Ford Rangers are the best.

25th May 2004, 21:17

I agree with that, Ford Rangers are the best. My 91 with the 2.3 is the only truck that I know can run out of oil 3 times and still run... It's an amazing engine and truck overall. put 187,000 on it in 5 years and still runs good.

23rd Dec 2005, 18:47

I can't help, but notice that a lot of teens like myself that are starting out in a Ranger of some sort. I do agree that these trucks are probably some of the best built. My Ranger is a 1992 STX Supercab with a 3.0 engine and 5-speed manual. It currently has 148000 miles and is still on the original clutch. The engine still runs very strong. I love this truck, and it's fairly easy to work on and trick out. A sole oil gasket was the only thing that needed fixing. It's a very strong truck and I am going to keep it for quite a while. Good luck with your Rangers.

27th Apr 2008, 12:15

My first car was also a Ford Ranger. It was an 89 ford ranger (new body style like the 91 explorer), 2.9L, 2WD, 5Spd, XLT, short cab, reg bed, had cruise control and mirrors that would fold up/flap like wings at speeds >55mph. But, overall it was a really good first car for a 17 y/o.

I am now on ranger #2 (a 1994 3.0L 5spd 2x4) which is absolutely sweet - complete with flowmaster, canopy, tinted windows and good paint (original white).

Today my wife and I go and look at ranger #3... a pretty red 87... we'll see what happens.