1987 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9 V6 from North America


Quick and efficient!


Basic maintenance.

Front springs when I got it.

Front brake lines when I got it.

Rear spring hangers when I got it.


Rear brakes.

Exhaust rotted off.

Clutch slipping badly.

Heater core leaked.

Radiator cracked.

General Comments:

All I can really say is Ford knew what they were doing.

It was a fixer-upper, but it was well worth it!

The 2.9L V6 was actually pretty beastly, although it could use a little more low end torque. I passed up many a vehicle with ease on the highway.

I beat this truck up and down back roads at 85 mph, and it didn't even break a sweat! It could have EASILY beaten my brother's 89 Camaro V6 5 speed.

The 5 speed was awesome, except the 3rd and 5th gear syncronizers were starting to let go, and it would pop out of gear occasionally.

Hauled loads that I wouldn't even think about putting in a similar compact truck!

Ride was STIFF after new springs and new overloads in the rear... it was a back jarring experience on a bumpy road, but it had fairly good handling for having the twin I beam front suspension!

It had purple tint, and the ladies thought it looked sexy.

Custom paint that turned from blue to green in the sunlight.

Handled snow very well (with the help of a 150lb block of wood above the axle).

I just wish I didn't burn up the clutch in it... I'd still be driving it today!

Worst gas mileage I got was 18mpg. Best was 25mpg.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2011

1987 Ford Ranger from North America


The fake wood grain dash sold me on it years ago... and I still like it


Valve cover gaskets have had to be replaced a few times, and continue to have some leakage.

Rust on driver's door where the mirror is attached, but after a few attempts, finally found a repair shop that fixed it right. Rust also above one rear wheel well... but heck, I've had it for 25 years as of 10/31/11!!!

Muffler has rusted out several times (due to short driving distance)... Solved the problem by purchasing a life time guarantee on the first replacement muffler!!!

Prevented me from getting a 4x4 ATV when my wife said I already had one... this old Ranger... and I suppose she is right!!!... Besides... I don't need hand warmers.

2.9L engine does not have a lot of power... wish it had the 4.0 the current models have.

General Comments:

Purchased new from the dealer on 10/31/1986.

Wondering why I've kept it so long... but then everyone you talk to seems to think they're great, long lasting little trucks. It's been paid for over two decades, and gets me to and from work, around town, and to and from my ice fishing spots... so maybe that's why.

Interior still looks new.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2011

23rd Oct 2012, 14:54

I completely agree!!! I have also had mine 25 years. Bought it brand new. I sadly have to sell it for salvage. I broke a rod, and the mechanic says it would cost more to repair than the truck is worth. This truck will be missed!!!

1987 Ford Ranger Base 2.3L from North America


Best truck ever made!


The engine was blown when bought, $300 for same year new one.

Rear window seal leaks.

A few dash lights went out.

Floor mat padding became musty from window leaking.

A little rust over the right rear tire.

General Comments:

This truck was a ranch truck in Wyoming for most of its life. Being so, it was purchased base model for money reasons. Although being a ranch truck, it has the 4x4 and Hi-boy 2" factory lift kit for options. The 4x4 is very good, along with having the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder, I get great mileage. 25mpg in town and 29mpg highway.

As with any older truck, it's got its kinks, but it always gets the job done, nothing tops it. My favorite vehicle that I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2009