1987 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9L EFI from North America


The best of both worlds on and off-road


The alignment was off 3/4" toe-in and 1/3" caster/camber when I got it (measurements for the worst side) because of an accident it had been in.

This cost about $215 to fix.

The alignment problem shredded new BF-Goodrich tires nearly to the cord in approximately 4000 Miles. : (

The timing was off when I got it over 30 degrees, (stock is set 10 degrees before top dead center) it was about 20 degrees after top dead center) STILL RAN! Not very well though.

I rolled the truck at high speed on a mountain road totaling the body out. I found another 1987 Ford Ranger with a torn down motor for $200. I used the body from this pick-up and put it on my pick-up.

This was an involved process, but rangers are easy to work on.

The pick-up began squealing when put in 4x4. Found that the U-Joints in the front axle were going out. Rebuilt the front end.

The transmission went out -- the transmissions used in most of the rangers are weak. Upon inspection the transmission failed because it was low on oil. Replaced with a $350 transmission from a junk-yard.

Replaced the clutch & pressure plate as well.

General Comments:

This is a well designed pick-up that surprisingly tough.

I am very rough on this pick-up off road and nothing in suspension, steering, and drive-train has broken as I would expect it to.

It has good fuel efficiency even with over-sized tires it gets 20 MPG consistently, city, off-road, and highway.

The 2.9L electronic fuel injection engine is a strong motor for it's displacement.

The motor will last a long time, often even if it's poorly cared for.

I rolled it, repaired it, and it's still going strong!

Perfectly suited to someone who drives a lot on all terrains, this pick-up does it all.

These pick-ups are easy to roll as the rear-end is typically a lot lighter than the front and tends to swing to outside on corners. Trust me, I know!

Ford parts are cheap! :)

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

22nd Nov 2003, 17:57

Only Ford used parts are cheap! Cost me $1800 and two weeks to get my STX 4 speed auto rebuilt! Goes through front rotors every 20k miles.

Made the mistake of buying an Escape. At 40k miles Ford charged me $250 for a state inspection and to replace a defective reverse light switch!

No wonder Ford is going belly up!

5th Apr 2009, 11:39

I have a '87 Ranger. I love the hell out of this little truck!! I have not been able to get this truck stuck... I even stopped in a mud hole in 4 high and it crawled out. And I get about 15 mpg highway. How awesome is this truck!!!

1987 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 Gasoline from North America


A nice tough little truck


The timing belt has gone out at around 179,000 miles.

The parking brake would stick on slightly so I had to get new brakes about a month ago.

General Comments:

I got the truck from my dad when I turned 16 and it has been running good while I've had it.

The interior is in great condition for how old it is and I have plenty of head room.

The exterior has some small dents and some rust, but it still looks good.

The engine is still the original and is running smoothly.

It is a tough truck and has lots of power for a 4 cylinder engine.

Overall I am very happy with this truck and it is fun to drive.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

22nd Oct 2002, 11:39

So this 1987 Ranger you talk about is still in good shape. But it is so old why don't you get a better truck, one with some more power maybe. And why would you keep it after everything that has happened to it over all these years. But I guess that it has been that good you should keep.