17th Feb 2004, 06:42

The dome light and wiper problem is due to a OEM module under the dash. It is worth $181 canadian. (just take the light out to fix then replace)

6th Mar 2004, 14:44

I agree it must be GEM module causing this. The light is not as annoying as the chime noise (why is it so freakin loud). It also seems to be worse when cab is hot (setting in the sun a while).

I had that problem pop up about a year after I bought it (1996). Dealer fixed it. I also had the "haunted" windshield wiper problem at the same time (they said that was a switch problem). The shop clerk didn't really say how they fixed the door ajar problem. But it stayed fixed for eight years - until the last couple of weeks, I've been getting some occurrences again (by no coincidence we have been having warmer than normal weather for late winter). Now I'm not under warranty. Frankly if I could just yank out the GEM or disable the #$%#% "dinger" I'd be happy.

If it gets stuck on (and that does happen at times), one easy fix is to pull fuse 25 (this supplies power to the GEM, for Mazda B2300 haven't verified if Ranger is really the same fuse, but I think they use the same design). Your truck will still run okay without that fuse. Keep a pair of needlenose in your glove box to do this. Plug the fuse back in when you get to your destination, since the problem is random. The downside is that your instrument panel goes dead. Including your speedo- and odometers! Can you believe that? You can commit mileage fraud just by pulling a fuse. I had to disconnect it for my sanity the first time I had it fixed (thus my odometer reads about 20 miles short). I had to disconnect it today for the 1 mile drive to and from the library (I went there to check the wiring diagrams in Mitchell's manual.)

13th Apr 2004, 18:31

FWIW I read on another forum that a guy sprayed WD 40 into his door latch and the problem went away. I'm trying that as soon as I get home.

31st Aug 2004, 10:25

Folks - There is a CURE (well, a temporary fix) for the door chimer!!! Mine was going off non-stop. After a 2 hour drive with the thing going, I did some research. I used WD40 on the doors, sprayed the CRAP out of them. I had little faith in this - but lo and behold there has been NO door chimer since I did this 6 months ago.

Prior to that I had paid a dealer to fix it, and the worked for about 6 months also. WD40 is cheaper and easier, and frankly it's just as effective. Try it.

I also have the phantom wipers, which I'm reluctant to fix because they are somewhat amusing, but not having a dome light is a problem. I guess I've learned to live with it all, the only thing that drove me nuts was the chimer... I'm telling you folks, use WD40 - it really does work...

29th Mar 2005, 13:19

My 95 Mazda B-2300 has the chime and dome light problem too. I fixed the automatic wipers by replacing the multifunction switch on the steering column. The chime drives me crazy, I pulled the dome light and thought about trying to find the chime to cut it's wires, but I can't find it. If it is in the GEM module it might be worth opening it up just to disable the chime.

I guess I'll give the WD-40 a shot, nothing to loose at this point.

11th Dec 2005, 12:50

I also have the door chime, dome light, and wiper problem. I bought my '95 X-tra cab used in '97, with 14,600 miles on it. And yes, my problem is intermittent also. I even went so far as to unplug the unit behind the stereo, but it killed the wipers, dome light, dash lights, and speedo cluster when I did that.

I also noticed it was more prevalent in warmer weather. No one in my area seems to have any idea what to do about this very same problem. WD-40 or whatever lube does work, but I would like to find out a permanent solution also.

11th Apr 2006, 16:46

Re Ford Ranger door chime. I have a 1995 Ranger which had the same problem and drove me crazy. Tried everything including fuse 25 and finally left it with the dealer with a blank cheque so to speak.

They found it in one day total cost $83.00 and said it was a sensor in the drivers door apparently had to take the panel off to get at it. It's been a year now and now further problems.

17th Apr 2006, 11:14

I just bought a 1995 Ford Ranger and I immediately removed fuse 25 to stop the excessively loud "dinger". Does anyone know the where the chime is located and how to get to it. I would like to bypass it because as you know I have lost my dome and under the hood lights and want them back. I do not know what else may be on that fuse. Of course I will be spraying the door latch with WD 40.

19th Apr 2006, 09:03

I have solved my 95 Ranger "dinger" problem by removing the "dinger". Here is how I did it. I pulled the panel that houses the radio, air vents etc. Then located a black plastic casing on the left side of the opening. The plastic air shaft if it is in way so I removed it (two screws) temporarily. Using a screw driver, I popped the plastic latches on the top and bottom of the plastic casing and opened it. Once inside the casing I found a circuit board. The "dinger" componet is black and round like a short cylinder located in the top right corner of the board. I popped it out with a screwdriver. Put everything back and WA LA. Problem solved. Everything else works just fine no cost involved. Good Luck and Happy Dinger Free Driving. The Man.

25th Apr 2006, 18:11

Oh My God- I thought I was the only one! I am so happy to have read this page with all of you suffering from the same agony involving that %^&* () chime.

Have you ever gone on a date... and full of excitement- hopped into your truck... only to have the chime drive your date from the truck screaming and trying to claw her ears off? Hmmmm?

So happy I am not the only one-

10th May 2006, 22:27

I too own a 95 Ranger XLT 4x4 4liter. 5 speed

Here is a list of my problems

1. Door keeps dining away. (Dome light stays on)

2. Check engine light stays on.

3. Wipers come on and go off all by them self’s

4. The truck has 160.000 Kilometers and it's on its 3rd clutch. At 1000 bucks a clutch to replace.

5. Head gasket replaced 1500 bucks

6. Ball Joints replaced 850 bucks

7 Air conditioning pump went up in smoke. 400 bucks

This will be the last Ford Ranger I own.. I just can’t afford it..

After reading all the posts on here I see Ford really cares and stands behind there products..