21st Aug 2007, 21:45

My 2001 Ranger continues to blow the 2 fuse... (fan blower motor) dealership can't tell me why or repair shop. New blower motor didn't fix it. HELP!!

10th Sep 2007, 20:29

I have a 1998 extended cab Ranger XLT, 2WD. Problem is that the dome lights and the exterior bed lights will not go out. This has progressed from staying on with the key on until the truck goes above 5mph to now simply staying all the time whether running or not, above 5 mph and at all speeds. Found the relay under the glove box and pulled it out. Lights stayed on. Pulled the fuse. Lights stayed on. Something is causing these lights to be always connected to a hot wire. I have the wiring diagram and I make control schematics as part of my job, so I am determined to figure this out. I am suspecting a short in a harness somewhere. But for now, all I can do is pull the bulbs. This should not be this hard.

25th Nov 2007, 19:41

I have a 96 b-2300 and I had the problem with the interior light, the door ajar and the seat belt chime. Now for some unknown reason none of them work including my wipers. Its like there is no power getting to them. Help me please. I have checked every fuse and all are good I am out of ideas.

27th May 2008, 08:19

Grrrrrrrrreat.Your site just saved me a labor cost. Thanks a lot. I like to do as much work as I can on my 1996 Ranger. I learn something new every year. I will definitely use this site again.


20th Oct 2008, 20:25

I have 2001 Ranger XLT and my wipers quit working, and the radio fuse keeps blowing. This all started with that annoying beeping noise when we played with door latch, and that's when the wipers quit. Any ideas?

26th Feb 2009, 12:43

I am having the same problem. I did find this article that has a walk-through for fixing the problem. I haven't tried it yet, but hopefully someone else will benefit from this too:


As the article mentions it seems like a door contact switch issue.

Hope this helps!


15th Jul 2011, 14:05

I've got a 95 Ford Ranger. I have had the door bell changed 4 times; seems like every year when the weather gets warm, it starts beeping. Drives me crazy. They unhooked it, and my dash and wipers wouldn't work. It's a 5 dollar part, but 40.00 dollars labor. That is a shame when you've got to keep replacing it.

6th Oct 2011, 11:54

The door switch is loaded with grease that flows in warm weather; the electrical contact inside (ground, if I remember correctly) gets interrupted and the door ajar signal goes off, very irritating!!! I replaced switches in both doors before prying one open carefully and cleaning out the excess grease. Small detent fingers hold the plastic switch cover in place, don't mangle them too much!

Clean off the contacts and leave minimal grease on the plunger shaft. Reassemble, carefully bend fingers back to secure the cover. I've had no reoccurring problems after this fix, about 5 years now. YMMV.

25th Feb 2012, 08:44

Had given up hope til your WD40 post. Thanks.

6th Feb 2013, 16:09

A Grandpa thanks The Man. WA LA too!! It worked again today!!

8th Jun 2014, 05:48

I own a 95 Ranger, and 3 days ago I found the dome light turned on. I went into my truck and "turned it off" and nothing happened. I turn the key to the ON position and the #%$%# chime started to sound. I turned on the engine and the chime remained, but now the dome light comes off and on, and the only thing that I was able to do was take fuse #27 out to prevent the battery draining. I tried the WD-40 solution and nothing happened, the chime and light comes intermittently and it's very frustrating. If somebody has any idea, please leave it down here. BTW this started since a storm went through here...

21st Dec 2014, 07:31

Same problem, no wipers.

16th Feb 2015, 15:02

WD40 works! I just read about it online and sprayed my door latch with excessive amounts of WD40 and it stopped chiming immediately! Definitely works, and thanks to the dude who initially posted that solution on here... I now have my sanity back while driving. :)

11th Apr 2015, 18:25

The WD40 on the door latch worked! Thank you!

9th May 2015, 01:53


I'm trying to figure out how to disable the passenger side airbag on my 1995 Ranger, XLT...

Now that we have a baby, I want to drive with her in the front, but can't with the airbag turned on. There is no switch, so either it doesn't have an airbag, or I need to take out the fuse.

If I have to take out the fuse, does anyone know what fuse # to remove?

Thanks for any assistance!

9th May 2015, 16:24

There is no passenger side airbag in your 1995 Ranger. An airbag on the passenger side was not available on the Ranger until the 1998 model year and it had a cutoff switch.

9th May 2015, 18:45

Thank you very much, that helps out a lot! I will install the car seat now and know that she is safe!

Thanks again!!

7th Jun 2015, 06:46

I have a 97 Ranger XLT. There is a passenger side airbag because I blew mine out. There is no switch to turn it off. Could wire one up I'm sure.

22nd Jun 2015, 18:11

I don't know where you replaced your clutch. I replaced the transmission, clutch, clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder for $1200. Did my ball joints for half your cost.

30th Jun 2015, 18:51

1997 Ford Ranger XLT 4 cylinder.

Fuse 11 for the instrument panel gauges keeps blowing. It's 7.5. The last time it blew, a puff of smoke showed in the instrument panel window. It blew two other times before.

3rd Sep 2015, 12:35

I have a 1996 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 L 4 cylinder with 5 speed manual trans. The following items have stopped functioning: wipers, dome light, door chime, seatbelt warning light. I can live with the majority of the non working items, but the wipers are important. Rain-X on the windshield only lasts so long, and doesn't help in some instances.

12th Oct 2015, 16:08

My 96 Ranger has a passenger side air bag and a switch to turn it off next to the ashtray. It was definitely available.

7th Dec 2015, 01:41

My understanding is that when Ford built the door latches that also house the door switch, they over greased them. So when the day gets warmer, the grease expands and pushes on the switch inside the door latch (dome light and dinger on). Supposedly the new latches have been fixed, but still hear of a lot of problems with them.