23rd Jul 2006, 12:36

As a mechanic I can't imagine where Ford cars became "notoriously famous" for poor build quality. Ford build quality is world-class for both cars and trucks, and as the previous comment states, the reliability and build quality of Jaguar and Mazda both went WAY UP after Ford took over their quality control. Jaguar has gone from being very unreliable to being one of the finest luxury cars on the road since Ford took it over.

20th Aug 2006, 17:16

If you really want an example of poor build quality, look at a Nissan with several miles on it!!

25th Jun 2008, 21:53

I absolutely LOVE my Ranger, my first Ford & simply the best, most reliable vehicle of any kind I've ever owned. MUCH better than my Honda Civic which self destructed in only 6 years of perfect maintenance & countless deceptions & fights with the Honda service staff. By the way, to maintain my Ford Ranger costs less than half that of my Honda Civic. Also, Ford has treated me many times better than Honda ever did. I will never buy another japanese car again, similar experience with Toyota. I love my Ranger and so does my son who just bought an '08 Sport. Excellent vehicle and strongly recommended to anyone sick of the expense & false hype surrounding Japanese vehicles. I have had absolutely No problems of any kind with the Ranger or my Ford dealer. Thanks Ford!!

20th Jun 2010, 01:06

I agree that these are reliable trucks! I wrote a review of my 2002 FX-4 in 2005, and it is now eight years old and looking and running great! My friend and my mom love their Toyotas, but have bought three in the same amount of time as I've driven this Ranger. I know Mom's service tech at the Toyota dealer in Melbourne, and he drives an F-150.

29th Aug 2011, 10:41

I drive a 2005 Ford Ranger for work - around 1600 - 2000 miles/month. I have had to replace the front shocks three times in the last year! Now I have back problems that I'm sure were caused by driving the truck.