3rd Jul 2005, 23:17

I have a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge. I have not had any real problem with the vehicle. The motor runs strong, but it is a gas hound (i.e. poor gas mileage for a light truck). Rear area passenger room is more suited for small kids -- definitely not comfortable for a longer trip. Vehicle looks great, runs well, stops well, and handles especially well in 4-wheel drive. The light rear end has resulted in some "lack of traction" while in 2-WD. Overall, a good vehicle with crummy mpg.

19th Oct 2005, 04:05

I had my brand new 2004 ranger for about 8 months, with only 7500 miles on it, and I have already had the fuel pump replaced. According to the service representative Ford knows that their fuel pumps don't last, she told me to ensure that the fuel filter is regularly changed at 30000 mile intervals. I love the truck, but having a part like this go out so soon is kind of a drag.

2nd Jul 2006, 22:42

I've never had a fuel pump problem with any of my 4 Rangers.

As for the "check engine" light there is a great and inexpensive quick fix for it. Put a piece of black tape over it and ignore it. Ford's check engine lights come on for no reason at all. I drove one 130,000 miles with the stupid light on and never had one second's problem with it.

The lights are set to come on so you will have to take it to the dealer and pay them several hundred bucks for something that you don't need. It's a money-making gimmick ALL car makers are currently using to bilk owners out of their money.

24th Jan 2008, 14:11

I have owed a 2004 Ranger now for just over two years. Like every one else gas mileage is just horrible. The thing I am facing at this moment is that I have to replace the heads on the engine. My engine light came on and was found to have a cylinder with low compression. The only fix is to replace the heads. This truck has been well maintained and has only 49000 miles. I for one will never buy another Ford. Terrible gas mileage and Major engine work with less than 50000 miles. NO THANKS.

3rd Jun 2008, 19:50

I purchased a previously owned 2004 Ranger three months ago, it really is an awesome work truck, but the gas mileage it horrible.

I don't drive it everyday, I used it mainly as a work truck and drive it on the weekends.

It can handle any load I face it with, and it certainly has the power I need to transport whatever it is that I need to do.

The truck is very stylish and handsome; it kind of reflects my personality as well, I added a topper to it, and even though it makes it look like a red-neck truck, it serves its purpose to protect my precious cargo.

The rear seating area is a bit small, and very uncomfortable for an adult; I wouldn't recommend a long trip for an adult in the rear seating area at all, but I do like this truck for two passengers.

I love the height of my my Edge model, it gives me great comfort on the road and I love the way it handles and drives,.. for a truck it handles very well.

I was impressed when I test drove it, when I was mainly looking for a foreign made truck, but the gas mileage sucks for sure.

Overall, it's a nice vehicle to own, if you have the finances to keep it fueled up in these days of high gas prices!!

10th Jun 2008, 20:22

To comment 19:50. You don't mention if you have the 3.0 or 4.0 V-6. You also don't mention what your mileage is, so I'm not sure what "bad" is.

I've owned 4 Rangers, all were perfect... never even ONE problem.

My last 3.0 was getting around 19 city and 25 highway, which I thought was pretty good considering that my friend's Tacoma gets 14 city and 19 highway. You might try switching to full synthetic oil (helps mileage minutely due to less friction), installing a K&N cold air induction kit (or just the filter) and maybe a free-flowing exhaust.

4th Aug 2008, 19:14

I have owned my 2004 Ranger 3.0L V6 for 7 months. Before purchasing this truck I was not much of a Ford fan, I in fact preferred foreign vehicles. I was looking for a compact truck with good clearance.

I love my Ranger, I have had no problems with it other than a squeaky window track, which was an easy grease fix. My truck is 2wd, with excellent clearance. I take it off road once in a while, and have had an excellent experience.

I have hauled loads of steel with minimum power drain. I get excellent fuel mileage, never less than 26mpg Canadian, 22mpg US.

It is a comfortable and stylish truck. I will definitely buy another when the time comes.

23rd Aug 2009, 17:52

I have a 04 Ford Ranger that has 42,000 miles on it and the transmission started slipping, and of course had to have it rebuilt. The truck has been very well taken care of and to have that little of mileage is not good for that kind of repair. I would not by a Ford again. If I'm gonna spend 22,000 on a truck then I expect better!

24th Aug 2009, 14:44

To the above comment:

For $22,000, you could have gotten a nicely equipped Toyota Tacoma, which wouldn't be giving you any problems right now (assuming you actually take care of your vehicles, because all vehicles need regular maintenance.)

29th Aug 2009, 16:02

I bought my 04 Ford Ranger in Feb 07. It had 29K miles and was in good condition. I don't work on my own vehicle, but do take for in for all routine maintenance.

In Feb 09, my check engine light came on. Ford told me the bank 2 downstream O2 sensor was bad. I paid 284, parts and labor, to have it fixed.

In late August, I had the check engine light come on again. I took the truck to Pep Boys to have them look up the code. They said it was the same sensor. I took the truck back to Ford to have it fixed under the part replacement warranty. They told me they could not replace under warranty as there was a bad valve that allowed oil to drip down on the sensor. I reluctantly had them replace the valve and the sensor (again). Less than 24 hours later, the check engine light was back on. Toyota is looking better and better!

16th Oct 2009, 19:02

I have a 2004 Ranger XLT 3.0L 2-door. Low mileage at 22,000 in 5 years even though I drive it nearly every day -- just short trips. Never a problem until today when it wouldn't start in a parking lot. Had it towed to a Ford dealer. Fuel pump had failed. And since it's in the fuel tank, it wasn't a cheap repair -- $750 US. Ouch. Good truck otherwise, even though the fuel mileage is sub-par at about 16 mpg for short trip driving and lucky to get 20 mpg on longer trips -- although that's with crappy California gas.

8th Jan 2010, 19:49

I have a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge, 2WD 3.0L 6 Cylinder. I have had it for a year now, bought it used with about 70,000km and is now up to about 98, 000km. I have had absolutely no problems with it, great gas mileage and very reliable.