11th Jul 2005, 21:35

Hi there, just for the record, I'm currently cruising about in a 93L reg. d 2.0i Scorpio. I have had 2 of these now and I would just like to say in reference to the "broken speedo" comment. both my 2.0i 8v DOHC Scorpios have effortlessly hit the 145mark with no troubles so I would easily believe that the Cossie will do a fair bit more.

I have always owned fords and before my first Scorpio I had a 1995 M reg. d 1.6i 16v escort saloon, ford figures say 117mph was top end, my eyesight said more like 138mph so in my opinion don't trust factory performance figures.

13th Mar 2006, 10:40

I owned a '92 24v scorpio, top end I found was around 145 (on the clock) and ford's 0-60 was a little optimistic, I got around 8.5 seconds. great mid-range power though and I'd have another anytime. going by the trip computer, if you sat it at 70 mph the average mpg was 26mpg. the average over a week of various driving conditions tended to be more like 18 mpg.

30th Jul 2006, 14:03

Spot on figures, I have exactly those.

Mine will do 139mph on the sat nav and that's 157mph on the clock. Still got revs to go yes, but you try and use them!

Nice car, big fat barge for cruising, not much else though. Sluggish box, heavy fuel if you toe it and one hell of an ugly front. However, all that said and done, I love mine.

Its 20 grand spec for around £1500 for a nice one.

I love it. I justify the heavy fuel consumption by saving on depreciation. :)

11th Oct 2006, 11:38

I have owned 3 Granada Cosworth's, and every one I have driven has done over 150. I had 110 out of 3rd in all 3 these cars with yet another gear to go. So to suggest the car won't top 140 is rubbish. Both cars were electronically timed, and the electronic kit was calibrated, so to the guy using all kind of physics quotes, you have no concept of what you're talking about. Lots of things are to be taken into account here, such as final drive ratios etc..

And to the guy who used to sell them for a living, I think you're talking pants. Also, since when does selling a car for a living qualify you for real road testing. Chances are you were some guy dressed in a suit and never left the office (you know the finance type)

Honestly get a grip before you quote nonsense.

10th Jul 2007, 15:15

I have 10 cars.

7 RS Turbo's series 1 and 2, and 3 Scorpio 2.9 Cosworths.

The RS Turbo is crap and too over rated, but are fun. And the Scorpio Cosworth is way underated and is very fun in the wet...

I have been following these pages, and have done a test on my brothers private runway. All 3 of my Scorpy's were fitted in turn with 3 different methods of measuring speed, and from that acceleration. All the different speed measuring instruments measured them within 10mph... from 140 to 167mph.

These stats look crazy, but are the truth.

Scorpy's only show 170mph on the speedo.

167mph was done in my restoration car, and the others are old, and have been sitting in the shrubbery. One of the shrubbery cars was measured at average of 140mph with the different methods of measuring speed. I think this car was the worst, and it showed.

My conclusion is, if you have a crap one, it will be slower than a good one.

I'm going to do another test soon. I am going to take one of the Scorpio's and change the mechanical features on it, such as slick tyres, put viper stripes on it, and big fat exhaust from my local autocentre. I 'predict' after I have made these mods, the car will fly over 200mph in 2nd gear :)

2nd Aug 2007, 18:13

All I want to say is I own a 1997 scorpio, 2.9 24v 4 door saloon and it is a great car if you're looking for comfort and room.

I have had the car for just over 2 years, and it is in amazing condition only 82k with FSH.

I can honestly say that these figures are silly. The car is no slug, but at the same time is no drag racer. I have had just over 140 out of mine, and I was very impressed with that. I fail to see the point in all the people on here shouting out all these stupid figures like almost 170mph. Get real, this is a large Ford family car, not a 911 Turbo.

I still stand by my statement that this is a very good car to own, if you can live with its looks, and they do grow on you with time.

I am being genuine with my figures, and I think they are pretty impressive for a car of this size; 0-60 in 8.5 and a top speed of 145mph, and that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No false statements here.

2nd Aug 2007, 18:38

In reply to the comment about putting this engine in a track car; if you want advice, try something different. I say this because as good and powerful as this engine is, it's also very heavy. I would recommend a 4 cylinder turbo charged engine, as we all know power to weight is one of the main keys in clocking up fast lap times.

This engine is well suited to the Scorpio, as it's a large motorway cruiser, not a race car.

8th Dec 2007, 08:30

No, I was selling them.

I got to drive these at new to two years old when they had low miles and proper comprehensive Ford maintenance, and hence performed as they should. I've also taken every performance Ford from the early 90's around the Ford proving ground at Boreham on corporate days, and driven one of these around Brands Hatch on a customer experience day.

More than you ever have or will I suspect.

The only pants being talked on here is that one of these will do 165, and how people with what are now five hundred quid bangers are getting more out of them than qualified road testers could get out of fit examples 10 years ago.


5th Jan 2008, 15:53

I have a 2.3 Scorpio, 1997 automatic. These cars were VERY good cars back then. They say 160mph on the clock, yes, but they will easily do this because mine is an automatic and will do 70mph at just 2,500rpm. I think they will easily go over 160mph.

As for the Cossy Sierra, with 170mph on the clock, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it sailed past 160mph.

4th Mar 2008, 12:58

What you need to do is what I'm doing to achieve the right figures. Lose the heavy Granada, buy an old classic TVR that weighs 700KG, put on a manual gearbox and uprate ECU and air intake system. She'll be pushing 220BHP+, estimated 0-60 sub 5 seconds and 170MPH+. May cost a bit more, but it will give right figures. Also helps as cossie lamp has only 48K from new and FSH.

12th Mar 2008, 20:50

I don't agree with Scorpio Cosworths doing anymore than 145mph!!! I've got one myself and I took it to the limits; I get 50mph in first, I think 85 mph in second, 125mph in 3rd, and 145in 4th, so can you please tell me how you people manage to get crazy speeds like 160mph or even more???

And a 2.3 Scorpio will never do even 140, let alone more than 160 LOL.