25th Mar 2013, 14:13

You need to buy some fuel injector cleaner, bang that in petrol tank. Then take it for a 2 or 3 hour 80mph spanking. Sounds like a town car that needs a good clear out. Give it a damn good thrashing.

5th Aug 2013, 15:20

Hi there. I'm sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if you managed to sort the problems with opening your boot on your StreetKa? My key fob is not working, and I'm unable to open my boot :-( I know this was some time ago, but it's worth a shot :-)

Also, is there any other way to open the boot?

Sabrina x

27th Jan 2014, 09:28

Getting into the boot and door handles.

To get into the boot without using the key fob:

Open the locked glove box thing that is at shoulder height on the back bulkhead between the seats. Open that, and inside is another key hole; that's the one wired to the boot lock that should open the boot (found this when my girlfriend locked her keys in the boot).

Also a handy tip on not breaking door handles:

The problem is the latch/lock on the outside of the door; they tend to collect dirt / road dust. This clogs them up, and makes them stiff to open, so you pull the handle harder and break the handle.

First clean out as much dust as you can with a small screwdriver, then get some WD40 on the latch. Give it a good going over with the oil. Then keep opening and closing the door for about 20 times; it should get easier.

A bit of oil every month should keep it that way.

Now a question. Anyone know where the lights on buzzer is on the car? The Haynes manual says it should be on top of the main fuse box, but it's not there. If anyone's is working, where is the noise coming from? That might help me find it.

15th Feb 2014, 09:15

How do you disconnect the alarm? I've been trying to find out! Driving me mad! :)

22nd Feb 2014, 02:37

Just had mine fixed, replaced injector, all now good. Hope this helps.

30th Mar 2014, 15:36

Had my Street Ka for 4 years now. Not really had any problems, apart from having a new thermostat.

The biggest bug bear, is I find when Summer is here and the handles get warm, they break. Had to have 3 sets of new handles on it. I now tend to leave the roof unlocked and open it from the inside on warm days; a bit embarrassing at times. Does anybody else have this problem?

Also, just had a new set of wishbones on it too, garage said it's a common problem with any type of Ka, just a good looking car in the summer :-/

29th Sep 2014, 18:44

Fill with a tank of petrol and stick some Redex in, and go for a good blast on the motorway. That worked for my wife's StreetKa. The engine light has not been on since. It just needs the cobwebs blowing out.

30th Sep 2014, 16:26

I agree with this comment albeit for different reasons. The junk additives probably destroy the wiring and inner workings so much that the computer no longer works well enough to trigger the engine light on.

14th Feb 2015, 13:55


Under the interior light is the secure storage box. Inside is the key to open the boot. Did you get the key fob to work? I've got the same problem.