13th Jul 2010, 13:16

I've read the comments above, the alarm problem is always the sensor for the roof compartment. You need to slam it or close it with a hand on both sides at the same time.

The back window will last a few years, but once it becomes misty it will crack in the cold weather if you fold it. I got mine replaced for £175, Ford will charge a lot more. The same guy does roofs. The company is called trimmtech. trimmtech@sky.com. The replacement roof is just as good, does get saggy if it's really hot, but it returns to its shape later on.

To avoid your window misting up and getting small dents in it, you need to fold it very carefully, meaning every time you bend it you should make sure it's not kinked.

I do like my StreetKa, I have an aircon problem at the moment, as in it doesn't work at all.

Front suspension components wear out easily on these cars, and rumour has it they need replacing every few years, bushes track rod ends etc. I agree the best miles out of a tank is around 250 for me, owing to be being an old inefficient South African engine from their version of the Ka. If only Ford had put in the Puma 1.7 VVTI engine in it...

For all the faults it's a good looking car, and it's a bargain price, they start from 2500 for an '03 reg on Autotrader now, and you take that risk when buying an old Ford I'm afraid.

30th Nov 2010, 08:18

Bought my StreetKa 2 years ago. I loved the look.

Within hours of getting home, the alarm kept going off. So it went back had a sensor replaced. A couple of months later, I couldn't get into the drivers door. The whole lock was replaced and the outside handle.

I use the car every day and the battery keeps going flat. I had that replaced. It still has the same problem, cannot solve it. I have gone and bought a battery pack so I don't get stuck anywhere.

I still love the car but if I can't solve the battery issue I will have to sell.

16th Dec 2010, 14:14

I brought my 55 plate StreetKa 2 years ago, absolutely loved it at the start, but now I wish I had never set eyes on it!!!

I have never had so many problems with a car in my life!!!

Firstly, I've never had to replace tyres so much.

2nd problem is the door latches/handles; I've already had the drivers side replaced twice, and just had the passenger side replaced at a cost of £60 each!!!

From near enough the moment I had it, I've had ongoing problems with the alarm!!! Been locking with the key itself rather than using the buttons, as when I did lock it using the buttons, the alarm would not stop going off.

Now I have had a problem for a few weeks, where I will be driving along, and the alarm will just start sounding (whilst driving). As you can imagine, it is so embarrassing. I work for a well known breakdown company; after speaking to a patrolman, even he can't explain what the problem is. So for the meantime I am going to have to disconnect the alarm until I can afford to get this alarm problem sorted out, and to stop any further embarrassment!!!

As I say, never had so many problems, and now it's starting to do my head in Big Time!!! I so wish I could afford a new car, because I'd get rid of this car in an instant!!!

10th Jun 2011, 12:34


Have you found a solution to the flat battery problem, please?

My beautiful StreetKa Winter is spending most of the time in the garage - when the battery went flat I had it replaced, that did not work so the alternator was changed, then Ford said it was caused by the radio - the battery lasted a couple of days, then they said it was the clock and changed that. I got it back on Saturday, assured it was fixed - Thursday the battery was flat...

The first sign of the problem is the odo/trip going back to zero; can anyone help? I love the car, but would love to drive it and not just clean it!!


16th Jun 2011, 16:41

Have you checked your boot light is not stuck on and making the battery go flat?

Feel it after your charged battery has been in the parked car for more than 15 minutes, and on opening your boot, if you find the boot light really hot, there's your problem.

Best of luck, Andy.

18th Jun 2011, 05:18

2005 Streetka Luxury.

Just a quick mention that for over a year or 2, my wife has been putting up with a slight hesitation/misfire on her Streetka.

It's never failed MOTs or had engine lights on, but we were quoted about £120 2 years ago after computer diagnostics at our Ford dealer to replace the suspected 'coil pack'.

I said no to it back then, as it didn't happen very much, but now years on it's getting annoying, and Ford have put part prices up 3 times in the last 2 years, and my dealer now quotes £220!

Well I said no again, and bought one new off ebay for £19.99 delivered (lifetime warranty), and fitted it myself in 25 minutes. No, it's not genuine Ford, but who cares at 6 years old. Fitting is within most car enthusiasts/DIY types grasps, and is as follows - disconnect negative of battery (make sure you have your radio code), remove 4 x torx screws, move the old unit just to your left, still connected with spark plug leads - fit new part, and then move each lead one at a time, off old unit onto the new one, like for like positions. Reconnect the battery negative, set clock and enter radio code - All done. The wife's Streetka is now running smooth again, so happy days!


26th Jan 2012, 11:16

What can I say?! I used to adore my 54 plate Winter Edition, but in the last 6 months it has been in the garage more often than not. Starter motor first. Coil pack second, and now head gasket or thermostat issue. Oh, and it leaks like a sieve, resulting in a distinct puddle in the passenger's footwell.

And soooo many door handle problems (was the same on the regular Ford Ka that I owned previously).

Central locking stopped working and boots won't open on fob (garage told me it's not worth fixing). Once again I reiterate... I used to love this car, it only has 37,000 on the clock and now I am having to sell it for spares to a dealer. So sad.

25th Mar 2013, 04:10

I have had my StreetKa for two weeks. It has been in the garage twice with an engine management light coming on both times. Apparently it is to do with a high level of emissions, and it is 'fine to drive, there is nothing wrong with it'. However when I tried to tell him that there clearly is something wrong, otherwise the light would not continue to come on, I got told in a few short words I'm a woman and I have no clue about cars.

I called my breakdown service and he plugged in the diagnostic machine and it came up as bank 1 sensor? And it has been diagnosed as the cat is slow to react or something like that? Should I get my money back? I really don't want to get rid of it, however if this keeps happening, I've got a feeling I'm going to have to... unless someone can suggest something that I can get done to solve the issue?

The garage is adamant that there is nothing wrong, and clearly there is.