1990 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


A money pit


When I first got it the thermostat needed replacement, no big deal.

I replaced the alternator about 5 times.

The front wheel bearings both went in the last year.

My rear view mirror fell off.

Water pump went and I had to replace about 10 hoses in the last year.

Throttle position sensor went.

Car declared dead at 119,000 miles, when the transmission dropped.

General Comments:

The car held it's own until it hit the 100,000 mile mark. From that point on, everything went downhill.

Whatever you do, don't put a system in this car!!! The alternator cannot handle it.

The car isn't exactly the fastest car I've ever seen, but I guess that's what you get for a practical family sedan.

It's pretty roomy, but the cup-holders are in a stupid spot: right below the radio. It makes it a little hard to play with the radio when you have a cup or two in the way.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

19th Nov 2002, 14:45

I would get the transmission fixed and drive another 100,000 miles.

My 1991 Taurus has 177,000 Miles on it now and is some what rough, but is very dependable. This is a specific purpose car. If it fits your purpose it is a great car. This car was my old company car. I broke it in hard, but the car was serviced every 3000 miles. I kept up the maintenance and got 115,000 miles out of the stock transmission. Since 90,000 miles I have replaced the rack and pinion steering unit, CV boots three times, Tie rod ends twice, thermostat about four times and the transmission as previously mentioned. The air conditioning went out at about 65,000 and would not keep a charge. I just elected not to fix it. The worst thing that has happened so far is letting someone work on my Taurus who does not know what they are doing. Now I do all the work myself. I wish I knew how to rebuild transmissions!

14th Mar 2004, 15:05

I am running a 90 for taurus gl right now, have had it for about 5 months, and in the past 2, I've had the most problems with it. I blew the radiator and everything just seems to of dropped. Today I am pretty sure my water pump went in it or it might be a busted hose, hoping on that. thermostat replaced at time of radiator replacement. Good car, handles well, serves the need of most people.

20th Jan 2005, 20:44

I've just purchased a 1990 ford taurus. I have a rebuilt motor in it. Seems to be leaking transmission fluid. The biggest problem I have is that the lights, all of them, seem to pulsate when motor is running. There is a sound system connected in it which I'm going to disconnect having just read that a system shouldn't be put in it. I had a guy where I work put a voltage meter on the battery and it showed an electrical problem. It is also sluggish when I turn the key to start it. What would cause the lights to pulsate? Doesn't pulsate when engine is off.

10th Jul 2005, 12:33

The pulsation may be caused by a bad earth on the voltage regulator on the alternator. You either need to find the bad earth and fix it or replace the regulator.

27th Mar 2006, 23:07

I'm 19 and have been driving the wagon around for a little over a year. The odometer rolled past zero and is at 9,xxx miles right now! It's still going like a beast. I have 2 JL subs running in it. Only downside is it leaks oil and tranny fluid, also the airbag light blinks.

1990 Ford Taurus LX Wagon 1.7 from North America


Very dependable, only traded because of the high miles

General Comments:

This was a great car for a small family. Once our kids were getting bigger, the back seat was less comfortable for them.

The cargo area was terrific. This model had all the bells and whistles and when we traded it almost 100,000 miles later, they all still worked. Someone else got a terrific bargain for a used car.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2000