25th Jul 2009, 10:23

"If your "Low Coolant" light comes and stays on, it may be your coolant bottle"

On my Taurus, it was the coolant sensor in the coolant bottle. (maybe they are integrated so you have to replace the bottle to replace the sensor -- I don't remember.) I really liked my Taurus and wanted to keep it perfect without having any warning lights stuck on all the time, so I replaced it. But the dealer told me it was really unnecessary. It would not hurt anything to leave it alone.

25th Jul 2009, 10:44

Those of you who really like your Taurus might enjoy reading a book; Car: A Drama of the American Workplace by Mary Walton. It covers the development of this model of Taurus from conception to the show room. You can find used copies pretty inexpensively at Amazon.com or other used websites.

Apparently Ford management did not care for the frank showing of how cars are really developed, but having worked in four major corporations myself, it struck me that Ford was better organized than anyplace I ever worked. But the book is also interesting in revealing little details like how the shape of the car was picked, why the mirrors have the shape they do, how hard it was to get the oval shaped radio/climate control area in production, and other little stories.

26th Jul 2009, 11:00


That's right! The sensor was in the bottle! It WAS the sensor! Thanks!

3rd Aug 2009, 12:57


I did a Google search today by VIN and found my Taurus for sale! Boy do I want it back!

8th Feb 2010, 18:22

I am curious if you checked on your ~Taurus~ that was in the Google search and if you bought it back? . . . and then sold the Camry?

9th Feb 2010, 20:04


In response to comment 30:

As much as I would've liked to do that, no. I still kick myself for buying the Camry. Here is a list of what has been replaced on it and the mileages:

69570: purchase and lower control arms have already been replaced.

69580: driver door lock fuse.

71950: catalytic converter.

71950: oxygen sensor.

75620: tires (regular maintenance)

90000: timing belt and two vane belts (regular maintenance)

90000: oil pump/o-ring.

90000: battery (regular maintenance)

90000: water pump.

94600 (est) : engine bracket (mechanic mistake)

95000: sway bar.

This is not to mention the COUNTLESS plastic interior parts that have broken, including cup holders, the window mount switches, the glove box latch and handle, the floor mat hook, a grab handle, and more that I have forgotten.

Toyota quality my foot.

Anyway, this is a Taurus review. I would love to own another Taurus of that generation (or later) and if I won the lottery this week, other than paying the mortgage and school, another car is up there on the list.

7th Aug 2010, 21:32


People who are following this thread might find it corny that I still visit this thread and comment on it, even though I got rid of the car in December 2008.

Well, my Camry was totaled a second time, so with the money I got, I was able to go out and buy a 2005 Taurus SE! Look for my review soon!

8th Aug 2010, 22:23

I don't think continuing comments on cars you no longer own are at all corny. I do it too. As for the totaled Camry, you won't miss it. Most Camrys are coming off the dealer's lots practically the same as totaled now due to so many problems and recalls. I'd take a 2005 Taurus any day over a brand new Camry. It's a much better built, safer, and FAR more reliable car than any Toyota. Experts agree. Toyota now has dropped in quality to 21st out of 33 car makers, while Ford is now in 5th place (AHEAD of Honda).

9th Aug 2010, 12:14

Original reviewer here.

Thank you for your input. Actually, a few months ago, when my Camry was totalled the first time (I hit a deer head-on at 60 MPH), I had to rent a 2010 Camry for about three weeks. It wasn't bad, but the pedals did lack responsiveness.

Needless to repeat it, but I'm glad to be back in a Taurus.

13th Dec 2010, 21:09


I said in an earlier post I'd write a review of my new 2005 Taurus. I just posted it. Look for the word "obsessed" in the title of the 2005 Taurus reviews. Thank goodness someone designed such a wonderful automobile!