6th Mar 2009, 02:49

I bought a 2000 Ford Taurus SES 3.0 Flex Fuel almost 2.5 years ago with 102k miles.

Overall I am pleased with the car, although I spent too much for it.

I have put 55k miles on it since I have had it including: a lot of daily driving to and from work/school, pleasure, a trip to Panama City Beach, Columbus, and Gatlinburg from Cincinnati.

I have had to do routine oil and brakes front and back, tune up, as on any car.

A set and a half of tires (4 of the 6: 2 busted 2 vandalized, along with 15 other cars).

Brakes more than normal, but I blame that on my constant driving.

Check engine light on after a year - it was O2 sensor - I opted to not fix it because it is not mechanically needed, but can very slightly alter gas mileage. I don't mind cause once they go bad it becomes routine. I just periodically have it scanned to be sure still just O2, and it has been just that and fine for 1.5yrs.

Had to the replace coolant reservoir because it had cracked, and this winter my starter - but that was a lot of people that week, cold will do that.

My suspension needs to be replaced, and has been deteriorating for awhile, but still operable.

Back wheel cylinders needed replaced from leaking, and it eroded my drum/rotor/brake.

Has always idled a little rough, not too bad.

ABS not too great though - definitely not good for stopping on dime when needed (I've learned to maintain distance).

Radio is excellent.

Dash light dimming, gradually getting worse.

Good - not great - on gas.

Overall durable - and I'm a driver! Actually ran over 2 concrete islands at 40mph and only cracked rims/busted belts in tires, everything else fine - no major suspension problems, which was unbelievable. Needed a front wheel alignment, not bad, but I did before accident.

Oh, I also have problems with power locks, they no longer work - but I have had them reprogrammed so that may have something to do with it.

I got what I expected for a car that was 6 years old, actually more. I would definitely buy a Taurus again - but would like new. Really it seems like a lot, but it has just been mostly minor and routine; I am blessed to know the owner of a garage also so...

5th Jul 2010, 00:46

I just bought a 2000 Ford Taurus lx, and just after I bought it from the dealer, that is 15 minutes, the engine light came on. Even though I drove from Decatur GA to Columbus GA, 120 mile, thinking I was not going to make it with the engine light on. Thank God I made it. I went straight to get the premium oil changed, where nearly everything was changed and checked, thinking it was going to remove the engine light, but nothing. I took it to Autozone. The computer said it was insufficient EGR valve, so I changed it the same day, and the next 5 miles I drove it the engine light came on again. In just 24hrs after buying the car I'd already spent 250$ just to get the engine light off. But I said to myself the car drives really good for the moment, I'm not gonna spend my time trying to get that damn engine light off no more until the engine completely breaks down.

9th Aug 2010, 13:39

The CEL scan gives you an idea what the computer found to be faulty two times in row. If the code says insufficient EGR it does not mean the EGR valve (high $$) is broken. It means there was not enough EGR flow 2 times in row. The flow could be restricted form carbon deposits inside the piping, valve and EGR ports. I would have an independent mechanic clean the EGR ports and throttle body, then reset the computer.

9th Jun 2011, 00:33

Having the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution? I just got the fuel pump changed and the problem still continues, had the coilpack changed twice!


Same problem, 1000 + bucks later. I have gone to 4 different garages, plus Ford @ 100 buck a diagnostic... Same code all the time.

16th Dec 2011, 16:25

I have a 2005 Ford Taurus. This same thing keeps happening to me. The check engine light comes on and the code is always different. I have spent a TON of money, to be told nothing's wrong and they reset the system. My mechanic told me that Taurus's are notorious for being crap, and that this check engine light is one of the problems. They just go off for no reason and throw random codes. You can't trust it. Who wants a car like that?

17th Dec 2011, 21:42

Oh for crying out loud!! Here we go with the "check engine light" mania again!!

As a mechanic, I get so tired of people going into hysteria over these meaningless little lights!! They were developed by auto makers to make people bring the cars in, so they can charge them hundreds of dollars to turn them off. They generally mean absolutely NOTHING. If you drive the car for two weeks with the light on and notice no problems, such as overheating, running poorly, a power loss or drop in fuel economy, there is virtually always nothing to worry about. AutoZone will check the code for you for free, but often it is so vague that it doesn't help much. Many codes mean nothing beyond "the dealer wants your money".

I drove one of my cars 135,000 miles with the light on. It ran perfectly when I sold it, and never had a problem.

One of my current cars has had the light on since 2006. It runs as good as new, and has never had a single repair. It just turned 100,000 miles.

Another of my cars has had the light on since 2009. It, too, runs flawlessly and has never had a single repair. One codes as "EVAP system", which is a meaningless code that means virtually nothing. It could be triggered by a poorly fitting gas cap. The other codes as "Engine running too cold". Big deal!! I live where 100-degree temperatures are common. Running cooler causes less stress on the engine and keeps the oil from breaking down so quickly.

The best and simplest "repair" for these stupid lights is a small piece of black electrical tape placed over them. You can hardly see it, and sometimes resetting the light can cause computer problems. Tape costs far less than a visit to the dealer and paying $500 to get them to reset the light, which usually pops back on in a few weeks.

Sadly, many areas that require inspections have caved in to auto repair shops and dealerships, and fail cars with the "check engine" light on. People in such areas should find a reputable shop that will turn the light off for them before going through inspection. Thankfully my area does not use rip-off tactics such as that on car owners.

20th May 2015, 19:10

Thank you! My car runs fine, I was just worried about the check engine light, but you really eased my stress.