30th Jan 2007, 18:17

I consider this person's experience quite valid. I owned numerous odd Fords and I can tell you transmissions are a big problem. 1970's and 1980's are lousy junk. I have yet to see one go 200K and most I've seen destruct around 100K. My experience has been, show me a FORD automatic with 100K and you'll need a transmission any day now.

On the Escort, Tempo, Taurus and their Mercury counterparts, the lower control arm/ball joints and inner tie rods regularly wear out. My experience is also dated and I don't know about the newer ones as I stopped buying Ford. The best Fords are known to be the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis, and F150 trucks.

I don't understand the other reviews on this model being so positive, but maybe they started making them better? I question this because Ford sold us such sh*t for decades and I suspect they did it on purpose: over and over and over. They were horrible then and I suspect horrible now. ALSO: watch out for FORD cylinder heads cracking and head gasket failure (causing head cracks). ESPECIALLY ON ESCORTS.

I think a lot of this site and stopped to see what others had to say about the Taurus but the more I think about it, the less I would want to buy one.

Thanks, it did me good to get this out of my system.

Whatever you choose to buy I hope you have years of safe trouble free motoring.



22nd Jul 2009, 12:09

The 1992 Taurus LX wagon I have has been nearly rebuilt! Seems like everything except the steering wheel has been replaced. Now it has been in the driveway for 3 years trying to be sold for some of the $6 thousand plus I have put into it to keep it going. I thought someone would be able to use it, but its reputation keeps the buyers away even though I have all the paperwork to prove the major (& minor) repairs. SO... glad to get this out of my system!

Perhaps I can now let it go to the scrap pile...

ThanX for listening...