6th Dec 2007, 11:53

Does that clicking only occur when you turn the heat on? For some Fords that is a sign that the blend door actuator is broken. About $35.00 at O'Reiley's.

Good luck.

28th Feb 2008, 21:49

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus that had a "no heat" problem. It also has the dome/door ajar problem. To fix this, it is really easy:

Dome/door ajar problem: spray wd40 on the push button on the door to stop the problem, doing so every few months.

No heat: this is a major problem if not corrected, it deals with the coolant you use, there is an electrical conflict with the red coolant. To fix the problem, do a coolant flush to remove rust and grime, and then MAKE SURE TO ONLY USE GREEN FLUID, RED FLUID WILL GIVE YOU PROBLEMS!!

4th Apr 2008, 21:40

Be careful about adding "power steering fluid" to these cars! If you read the owner's manual, you'll probably find that the power steering pump on Fords require MERCON Automatic Transmission Fluid. That's why adding power steering fluid doesn't make the groaning sound go away, because it's the wrong fluid.

10th Apr 2008, 08:24

I haven't had any heating problems with my 1998 Ford Taurus in the three years I have owned it. With the brakes, I replaced them with ford replacement brake pads and rotors. The brakes have been fine. The power steering I had flushed when I bought the car, that also has been fine. But my door ajar light does come on during winter months. I think its because of the cold weather. IT never does it in spring, summer, or fall.

15th Apr 2008, 23:19

I own a 1999 for Taurus, purchased used. 2 weeks after we bought it transmission went. Got that fixed. We have a check engine light that won't turn off. Also no heat!!! Mechanic tried flushing and said someone put stop leak in it. No luck.

16th Apr 2008, 17:40

Your door ajar light comes on because the door actuator sticks. Spray some WD-40 on the little spring-loaded switch in the door jams, and also the door latches, and it will go away.

29th Apr 2008, 14:21

We also have a Ford Taurus '99. Developed "no heat" problem about a year ago. Since money is tight, I just use a coleman camp stove to heat up the car (keep a window open slightly);

We had the core flushed about 2x.. .no luck, still no heat.

Then we slowly developed the engine overheating problem... it got so bad you actually watch the temp needle move up quickly as the you ran the car. I knew we had to do something down the road with this problem, but to temporarily help it not overheat, I would turn on the interior heat fan to high and that HAS helped take the temp needle down a LOT... but after about 3 weeks, this is no longer helping.

I was on my way to work (30 mile drive on 65mph highway), and I only got 3 blocks from home, and the temp needle went all the way to the hot zone and I smelled antifreeze.

I immediately turned off the car, pulled out my cellphone and called my husband. I let the car cool off about 20 minutes., called my job and told them I wouldn't be in...

I proceeded to take the car back home, a block or so at a time; when I'd see the needle go to "H" I turned off the engine (smart)...

So now...I'm thinking like everyone else... needs heater core cleaned or replaced and/or water pump...

We had a new thermostat put in about 2 days ago... this seems to keep the temp needle down to about the mid section of the temp gauge... but if I take it for a 65 mph steady for about 20 miles, then if I get stuck at a light or slow traffic, the temp needle jumps up immediately! I then put the car in idle and gas it to about 2,000 rpms... this also brings the needle down to about midway...

I think we also need a tune up for the low idle...

What the heck is it with American car makers? Are they doped up on the job or what???!

Next car will be a FOREIGN death trap I guess... I gotta make sure it's got a good airbag system and not too costly to repair.

This was the first car I ever bought brand new! I've bought so many used cars in the past; and they've run GREAT; NO HEATER problems either!!!

And I will NEVER again buy a BRAND NEW car again...!!!

Michelle... feel free to email me at:


1st Jul 2008, 18:15

The water pumps on the 99 Taurus is known for going out, but unlike the water pumps I am used to where they go out and dump water on the ground under it, the impellers mess up and the thing does not move the coolant around.

So when you have a Taurus of this vintage overheating for no known reason, I would really recommend considering the water pump. There is a weep hole near the shaft which may show sediment, or be wet as an early warning sign.

My daughter drove one too far after the over heating, and of course that leads to head gasket failure and water in the oil.. So a big overhaul is in the works, which would cost a lot if we were not handy with tools.

Just an FYI - because I had never considered the water pump as an overheating cause.


18th Oct 2008, 15:05

Have a '99 Taurus. Random things have gone wrong in last 2 years. POS money pit, it is becoming. No heat. Mechanic, no idea on how to fix, he has. Replaced the thermostat, no help. What to do?

4th Dec 2008, 20:01

I bought a 2000 Ford Taurus LX 6 months ago. It's running good so far, but I do have a antifreeze leak. They say it's my plastic reserve that has a crack in it. I'll get it fixed tomorrow.

I also noticed that I sometimes don't have heat. My heat works when it wants to work. I thought it was because of my antifreeze leak, but now as I read about all these other Taurus with heat problems, I do believe it's a defect with these cars, cause too many people are having a no heat issue.

17th Jan 2009, 01:35

I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and I just had to replace the rack and pinion, I did it myself and what a pain in the !@#. My alarm tends to go off by itself all the time. I just had a COP (coil over plug) go bad and that costs around $80 just for the part. I have yet to have a problem with the heater so I guess I have been lucky. Does anyone know what the deal is with the alarm? I heard others have had the same problem.

19th Jan 2009, 14:05

I have a 98 Ford Taurus and I replaced the heater core, and still have no heat. All the hoses are getting flow and warm, but I still have no heat inside the car... temperature is normal and no visible problems with the water pump. I have been told maybe a blend door issue, but how do I check to find out if it is/isn't working properly???