27th Mar 2006, 19:36

Thank goodness ford stopped making these lemons!! I owned a '95 and it was a nightmare!!

3rd Apr 2006, 14:59

I have a 2004 Taurus SES that I purchased new. It currently has 28,000 miles. The transmission has been replaced 3 times and I've had MANY MANY other issues with the car. From the windshield, to the moon-roof, to the front end, the same things continue to go wrong. Each of the repairs that I've had done have been done at least 3 times each. This is the worst car I've ever owned.

26th Jun 2006, 10:53

If you go through 3 transmissions in that quick you cannot drive. We have a 03 Taurus pretty much the same thing and 35k and no transmission problems at all. Had a uncle with a 95 or so model 190k and still going strong when he traded it in.

4th Dec 2006, 13:57

I have a 2004 Taurus SES. It has been a good car, mostly. We had to replace the fuel pump and some vacuum lines under warranty. My driver's side speaker blew out within a year, and I don't listen to loud music when I drive. It has a wierd noise at the bottom passenger side of the front windshield. I might have it checked to make sure it's sealed right. It's also starting badly in the cold, it never had that problem before. I'm sure it's either the battery or coil going bad. I have gotten great gas mileage out of it, surprisingly enough. I can get over 30 mpg if I drive it efficiently, and I also put in a K & N air filter. I am a little afraid that it will have more problems in the near future though. I have about a year and a half left of payments on it. I wouldn't mind replacing it now, but I'll wait til it's paid off more.

10th Dec 2006, 19:20

Shame, shame on you. your neighbor must be "dennis the menace".you sold the lemon to him?

2nd Jan 2007, 14:20

I own a '99 Ford Taurus with 88,000 miles. The air conditioner won't shut off so the clutch burned out and I was stranded at the side of the road. After spending $500.00, it still won't shut off so it has to be unplugged in the winter. I have very little heat because the engine block is rotting and releasing rust into the radiator, hoses, heater core, etc. There is no repair for this problem, and it has been confirmed at a Ford dealer for affecting model years '97, '98, and '99. I can't sell the car to anyone (and sleep at night), nor is it worth more than $1200 in trade-in (I tried). Shame on you Ford. Shame on you for not recalling and repairing. I'm buying a Honda.

5th Jan 2007, 11:31

The Ford Taurus, from just about any year, is known for transmission problems. It is difficult to find a Taurus three years or older that has not had some sort of work done on the tranny. However, there is also a variation here: How many times the transmission was replaced.

I own a 1987 Ford Taurus (due to my own lack of a decent job at age 17), and I have had to replace the transmission ONCE. I have had no serious problems with the tranny since; my father is a well-qualified mechanic, and he is very impressed with the car as a whole since he bought it for me several years ago (before I could actually drive it, oddly enough).

However, I should state here that I am NOT a Ford fan at all; I enjoy Mopar, but that's just a personal preference. My Taurus is a nice ride, and is in surprisingly decent shape despite the fact that it is twenty years old, and my father's Escort still runs with the factory tranny and engine at almost 400,000 miles, but I would never purchase a Ford for myself. I have heard and read too many complaints.

And there is one more problem I've been having (though just a minor one) : I removed the factory radio and attempted to install my own, but I could not find the schematics for the wiring - My brother destroyed the old radio since it was useless, and I sincerely hope that the diagram was not on it. But anyway: I looked up the schematics for a 1987 Ford Taurus with the Premium Sound System (which mine does have, in case you are wondering at this point), and NONE of the wires on the diagram match what are actually in the car. What is that?

7th Jan 2007, 12:11

My 2005 Taurus SEL so far is a beautiful car.

18th Jan 2007, 01:24

I'm sorry, your taillight burned out and you're listing that as a complaint? You do know bulbs burn out over time, that'd be like listing having to change your oil as a problem.

7th Feb 2007, 17:48

I have a 99 Ford Taurus, just like another person on the website, my engine is full of rust. I've had it flushed numerous times and they can't beat the problem. Shame on Ford for not recalling and fixing this problem. I really love my Taurus, it runs well, now I will have to give it up because the rust is ruining my heater core and most likely other parts of the engine.


27th Apr 2007, 07:49

I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SEL... 62000 miles... It has never had a problem. I replaced the front brakes at 59,000. The entire car functions now just as it did new.

13th Jun 2007, 13:02

OK here's the deal, the same major complaints keep showing up in posts over and over regarding the Taurus. Hello! Doesn't that tell you something? Transmissions that fail, head gasket failures, rusting cooling systems, faulty AC systems... and the list goes on. This is all typically before the car hits 100k miles or 5yrs. If a vehicle can't stand up to TYPICAL use by the AVERAGE consumer, it's a poorly designed piece of crap. Period. If you have to be a mechanic or drive a car with kit gloves to get decent reliability from it, it's crap. Nothing to argue there. The Taurus is a running joke and too many Americans know that by this point. The fact that Ford decided to start calling the redesigned Ford 500 the "Taurus" is self-destructive and insane. Ford must be hurting badly for sales.

16th Jul 2007, 14:44

I have a 2004 Taurus. Check transmission message came on and went off 3 times. Seems to be driving fine. What does this mean?

1st Aug 2007, 14:28

It is either an intermittent problem or there is a computer glitch.

6th Aug 2007, 05:08

I owned a 93 Taurus 3.0L and I got 193,000 miles out of it trouble free. I then traded it for a 99 w/110k on it, only problem was had to replace serpentine belt. Then traded that for a 2006 Taurus SEL and it has 38,000 miles with no problem. I always changed the oil every 3,000 miles, the tranny fluid every 6 months, flushed the radiator every year with good antifreeze not cheap crap that will rust, changed plugs and wires every 6 months and I degreased the engine a lot. Keeping an engine clean will help keep it running cooler and prevent sensor wires from corroding. But people don't think about stuff like that. They think all they need to do is change the oil and put gas in it. Its called preventative maintenance and its in your owner's manual. Yes Fords have some defects, but take a look at other car forums and see all the crap people are complaining about with their cars.