1993 Ford Telstar AX 2.6 lt V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A nice car let down by parts prices!


Ignition fault at 164,000. Had to replace the distributor, a new one cost me $1,157.00, for a couple of bucks worth of cast alloy, some pressed sheet metal parts, a coil and some bits of plastic!

Drive train noise undiagnosed as yet.

General Comments:

For all of its good looks, handling and comfort, the Telstar is seriously let down by the price of parts.

The rear hatch tail light facia panel for instance, which is just just a piece plastic with the reverse lights and number plate lights in it, believe it or not it costs $1,200.00 to replace!

If you were to build a car from parts it would work to be worth over $100,000.00. How do you justify the cost of the parts?

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2005

1993 Ford Telstar GL 2.0 V6 from South Africa


This is a very comfortable albeit somewhat unreliable vehicle


The drivers door was damaged after another car rode into it which resulted in neither the drivers nor right passenger door being able to open.

The central locking/alarm/immobiliser stopped working after about 7 months.

The gearbox needed replacing 2 months after we got the car. About a month ago the replacement (new not reconditioned) gearbox also packed up and now the car is just standing idle.

Fuel consumption is very high.

The electric window mechanism on the two back door stopped working. On the back driver's side it doesn't work at all while on the back passenger side it can go down, but not up. All of the windows can however be operated from the driver's door.

General Comments:

Other than the above mentioned faults, this car is still very good and handles well.

I don't have any complaints about the interior and I find it very comfortable.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

1993 Ford Telstar Gli 2.0 Litre from South Africa


A reliable, economical, comfortable vehicle


Alternator failed at 149000km. Replaced field coils.

Water pump failed at 176500 km.

Rear head gasket blew at 179300km.

Replaced timing belt, distributor cap, gearbox filter, and radiator when the blown head gasket was replaced at 179300km.

General Comments:

Very comfortable to drive (I am 1.98m tall.

Build quality of the car is very good.

The car interior and exterior still look like new.

Good fuel economy.

Spares quite expensive.

Dealer service very poor.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

14th Jan 2011, 07:42

Mine is still going great as well! With 290000km on the clock, I've only done the water pump!! The great thing is that it's a 2.0 4cyl, as I work for Ford, it will go further than the V6.

7th Sep 2011, 07:41

Hey bru!!

I have also got the 2.0 4 cylinder, I also work for Ford, & have replaced almost everything on mine, as I get it all for cheap. Won't trade mine for anything.

27th Sep 2016, 03:24

I have a 1993 2 liter Ford Telstar GLE automatic and we have endless problems with idling. The car is revving up and down (hunting). Can somebody please advise me in this regard?

1993 Ford Telstar TX5 2.5 Quad Cam V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good car, maintenance can be painful and expensive


New air conditioning condensor at 80,000km, a result of a stone going through the old one.

New clutch and CV joints at 100,000km.

Brake pads front and back at 110,000km.

New bushes front and back at 130,000km.

Water pump died at 130,000km.

General Comments:

Overall it's been a good car. It's had it's fair share of wear and tear maintenance done on it over the 2 years that I have owned the car. It's done nearly 65,000km in two years so things are bound to go wrong on it in that time.

A lot of my friends comment on how new the car looks, it has kept it's age well and definitely does not look the 11 years old that it is.

Cars engine performance is very good, the transmission and suspension is not up to the same spec as the engine, although it's classified as a luxury car and not a sports car.

Whenever anything goes wrong it's always an expensive exercise as it's not a real mainstream car.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004

13th Aug 2013, 09:44

These cars are extremely reliable and well made compared to some.

But this wasn't the model that established Mazda's world wide reputation for reliability.

More costly and complicated to repair than they have any right to be. You could forgive the expensive parts and repair costs if it were a desirable collectible sports car. Oh hang on, it's a mid sized Japanese family car (Mazda 626 with a track record for cooling system problems).

If you're on a budget, look else where. If you're rich, you certainly won't be looking here!

Buy only if very cheap.