7th Jun 2011, 08:05

I agree, I had a 2.0 1994 Telstar DOHC 16V for 6 years, and it kicked ass all the way. Stunning car.

13th Aug 2013, 09:12

When working as it should, I agree. But when they require repair, this model is more expensive/complicated to fix than its main competitor.

Having said that, they are now a 20 year old car, so are very cheap to buy and offer reasonable performance, comfort and economy (when working properly) for the money.

It is an extremely difficult job to make a car with thousands of separate parts all work in harmony for 20 to 30 years without fuss. This car fares well in that respect, but only one brand seems to have perfected that seemingly impossible task in my humble opinion.

Nice try Mazda 626, but shame about the long term reliability/cost of ownership.

I sold my old Toyota (as it had done very high mileage) to buy one of these, as I wanted something more modern on a budget. And there's the problem, if you're on a budget, a tight budget as I am, be warned that these are not cheap cars to repair.

If only I could turn back time, I would have never traded up (down in hindsight in my particular case).

Problems to watch out for. Cooling system issues and niggling engine control problems.

If you can get a good well maintained one for cheap, you may do OK.

My old car was neither good or well maintained, but it just kept on going and going, and cost me very little to own. Oh what a feeling.

13th Aug 2013, 09:19

Hope it's still going strong at 360,000 Km like my humble Corolla (386,000 Km).

14th Aug 2013, 14:26

What year is your Corolla?

17th Apr 2014, 14:21

Was just wondering if you are still active on this blog and do you live in SA?

I live in Limpop. I got a Telstar from my uncle. The car was standing for 4 years. They overhauled the engine and could not get it started. I fixed all the wiring problems and got it running, just to find the gearbox is totally broken.

If you are still working for Ford, please send me an email.

My email is koen@ananzi.co.za

18th Sep 2016, 18:41

My wife has this same car and we had to replace the distributor twice already, and now the car has idling problems and sometimes misfires.

I will never buy a Ford product.

From Mr P.L. Scholtz from Cape Town, tel no 021 508 6179.