6th Jul 2001, 00:27

On my T-bird the check engine light stayed on because the oxygen sensor got messed up, so you might want to get that fixed. Hope that helps.

13th Jun 2003, 15:33

I have recently purchased a 1994 mercury cougar XR-7 with a 4.6 litre engine. The reason I write this is to comment on the poor transmission design. My car has 33,126 original mile's was owned by my 68yr old neighbor and garage kept all of it's life. I have had the car 2wk's and I now have a major shutter in the transmission at 35-40 mph, and sometimes above that when cruising on the pkwy. I think ford should address this problem and deal with it affectively. I now have to pay $1600.00 to have the unit replaced, and lose my car for three day's. (THANK YOU FORD!)

16th Jun 2003, 15:07


I'm in the same boat as you all. I purchased my 94 T-bird with 103,000. Now at 126,000 I'm having the transmission rebuilt. I love the 4.6, even though it's blowing oil past the rings. I love everything else about the car. It has power to burn. But ford didn't see fit to give it any "heart" by putting such a low grade transmission in it. It's because of this slackness by Ford that people go buy Japanese and German cars!!! Thanks for taking car of your customers Ford...

14th Sep 2005, 16:23

I have the same problem as you all- the trans. -i just got my 94 tbird last week, but I knew it had a bad trans.- does any of you know if which I'm sure there is a kit to switch it over to say a c4 -- and that one guy said hes getting a "shift kit" for a electronic shifted trans.??? where ya get those at??- I've changed solenoids in the trans., but I guess ill be like everyone else and just change trans. and I'm puttin some 4.11 gears and exhaust on it and maybe a little 75 shot ----have a good day.