25th Apr 2012, 13:19

Hi guys, just one thing I really need to know, where do you get your insurance! We are a family of 6, and I have spent the last 6 months looking at Tourneo's with a view to buy, had my heart set on it, only to discover that the lowest quote I could get was £850.

Now looking at Caravelle's, which are a doddle to insure, but a nightmare to try and buy, plus I don't want one!!!

Any help appreciated.

29th Apr 2012, 14:16

Hi - I had it insured with Aviva for £400ish per year (2x 37 year old's, 5 year NCB, driveway, business use), but it took three hours to persuade them to change our cover from the previous car onto it, as they do not cover minibuses. However, once told it was classed as a car and was the 8 seat version, they asked me a dozen times why I needed such a large vehicle, underlined the fact that hire and reward would not be covered, and then referred to underwriters - then finally covered it. I now use a trade policy to cover all my vehicles.

Personally, I think £850 is not bad considering what cars are costing to insure now.

It is definitely worth the cost - the Tourneo is outstanding, and the equivalent price Caravelle is going to be rough due to the cult following maintaining daft prices - and they are much narrower inside. Take time to choose the right model for you and drive a few first. Also Google 2013 Tourneo to see pics of upcoming model if you are considering a newer one.

The TDCI has much better power than the TDDI/Duratorq, but they cost more and are £££ to fix on some items. The Mk6 has a much better dashboard than the Mk5.

Good luck - you'll wish you had bought one sooner once you have had it a while!

As well as transporting the kids and their go karts for some woodland fun, this week ours has done numerous tip runs, IKEA collections, DIY store trips, collected a huge advertising signboard, done two airport runs, collected a full set off road wheels from an eBay deal, and done all the usual mundane daily stuff - how we managed before, we do not know!

25th Sep 2012, 13:47

Update to the original review after 12 months of ownership and 10,000 miles.

Costs in last 10,000 miles: service items £60 all in, OSF brake pipe fitted as MOT tester said may need looking at in next few years - £80 all in, grease and sundries £10, ACF50 spray for underside £8. MOT £30 - no advisories - not bad for 11 year old bus. Nothing else - not even a bulb!

Comments: we absolutely love this Tourneo for so many reasons, and are extremely pleased we bought it. It is better in every way compared to any MPV we have used before, and is easy to park, nice to drive, and cheap to run at 35 MPG.

We use it off road, where the ground clearance and fording ability is great, and around town, where visibility and parking is ace. We blast it down twisty roads, where it holds its own in fast moving traffic, and do endless motorway miles in total comfort, with the advantage of the walk-through between the front seats (8 seat only) so you can sort the kids on the move, or organise the snacks/nappies/dropped toys en-route without constant stops.

Our friends run a VW Transporter of the same age, and we find the dash and trim dated, the cabin narrow, performance slow and the seats less comfortable - although it is a useful bit of kit and they like it.

The newer TDCI versions are more mechanically complex, and we would not swap this older TDDI 75PS model for one unless it was under warranty. Ours is simple and cheap to fix.

We may have been really lucky with ours, but it has been superb in every way, and we can't remember how we coped before we bought it!

9th Dec 2012, 02:11

Update on original post:

Had a breakdown when the alternator failed on the motorway. Luckily had breakdown cover with parts insurance through the AA, so a new one was fitted free.

MOT done this week and passed with no advisories - great for an 11 year old bus.

Our costs for the year and 12,000 miles have been a service and one brake pipe (£150), alternator (free) and the MOT (£35). For this type of vehicle it is outstanding - especially considering we average around 35 MPG.

Really loving the Tourneo as our family vehicle, it is very versatile and cheap to run, and gives great pleasure as trips are more fun with more people and everyone is comfortable, the kids can see out of the windows, and it is easy to use and park.

We love it, and can't think of a better all round family car that gives the space and durability it offers and the ability to take on rough tracks, city and motorway use brilliantly - while running at these low costs. Highly recommended.

18th Jan 2013, 08:26


Started to stall and cut off while driving, fault codes related to diesel pump and control module, had recon pump and control module fitted for £915 all in, all sorted.

Expensive job, but it has cost virtually nothing over the last two years, so can I forgive it, as the cost of ownership including this repair has been approx £40 per month, including routine servicing and yearly MOT.

We are currently on the winter wheel/tyre set and it is unstoppable in the snow - unlike the Sprinter and a RWD Transit Jumbo, which got totally stuck in front of us in the snow today.

Another benefit of the 8 seat walk through cabin design, is that you can get out of the driver's seat and into the back to sort the kids, without opening the doors and getting cold/wet.

We love the bus, and cannot find anything better. We went through every other MPV when choosing the Transit, and we made the right choice - we absolutely love it... even after a £915 bill.

22nd Feb 2013, 13:22


Running very well after the pump was replaced, just has a couple of minor things: the (very salted!) sliding door handles need a spot of lubrication once a month so they don't stick in the open position, the sliding door rear contacts for the central locking also need a monthly quick rub over with abrasive to keep them working in all the wet/salt, plus the tailgate wiper is on the verge of failing - the wash mech is leaking and the motor is very noisy even though still working. Staggered at the cost of the wiper motor @ £237.40 + VAT, will try to source a used one.

We have such great enjoyment of the bus that minor things can be overlooked - it carries the whole extended family for fun and games, loaded with kids stuff, go-karts, bikes etc - and it copes well in all weathers and on rough muddy tracks, while getting around 35 MPG.

We have just arranged a 6 country tour of Europe in it, leaving soon and would find it really tricky to replace our Tourneo, for it has such a width of talent.

Still loving it!