2nd Mar 2013, 09:44

Replaced rear wiper motor/washer unit for £15 plus £7 p&p, took 5 minutes to do.

Hard to find the wiper, as only Ford sell them, made by Valeo and tailgate version part number is 404577. Mine was a lucky find on ebay and was cheaper than many!

I managed to break the driver's armrest height adjustment knob, and have decided to tape it after finding out at Ford that you can only buy the complete armrest at £115, not just the knob part. I will look out for a cheap used one and fit it; it is taped and working for now.

Tourneo running 100%.

29th Mar 2013, 14:31

A very good and easily read review, that with the additional updates gives a good understanding of the Tourneo.

Well done.

4th Apr 2013, 13:54

Thank you - much appreciated.

The Tourneo is currently on a 3500 mile two week European tour, and has run faultlessly on a mix of fast roads such as motorways and autobahns, deep snow covered dreadful Czech unclassified mountain roads (snow tyres on), and today after 150 miles of snow covered mountain roads, it battered fifteen miles of very rough, holed, unsurfaced track in the Polish rural south - all loaded to the roof with passengers aged 4-72 and epic luggage.

It takes everything in its stride - even if the hills are slow fully loaded, and it wanders at over 80mph with snow tyres fitted.

The passengers love the space - and the ability to take anything they want to take, as there is so much space.

Our early mk6 base model works best for us - it is mechanically simple, runs really well, looks smart and is cheap enough to use and abuse on this sort of trip. We love the new Tourneo Custom (especially the ESP and 5 star NCAP!) but would we leave it parked in the places we leave ours? Would we take it off road? Would we eat in it and jump in with muddy boots?

17th Apr 2013, 06:09

Update: back from European tour: UK-France-Belgium-Germany-Czech Republic-Poland-Germany-Holland-Belgium-France-UK in the Tourneo, on a mix of roads from total off road in rural Poland, unsurfaced and snow covered in rural Czech Republic, through poor roads and on very fast Autobahns in Germany. The bus had no faults along the way and returned approx 32 MPG.

Notes: when fully loaded, it's slow uphill and takes forever to gain speed on the motorway, plus wanders a bit above 85mph. I guess this is the trade-off of having the simplicity of the 75PS engine and running on winter tyres, which were essential on 30% of the trip.

Middle row of seats is very upright for long journeys, but all seats are fine for 6 hour straight stints.

Mirrors excellent for using right hand drive bus on continental roads; the lower convex mirror is essential for lane changing on foreign motorways. The Mk6 has great visibility all round and is easy to use on the opposite side of the road - there are few blind spots, and the big windows help.

Useful height at 1.98m, so no extra charges for the ferry and fits in underground secure car parks in Eastern Europe.

Excellent ground clearance, together with winter tyres make the Tourneo surprisingly useful when on rough tracks - the Transit was built for building sites and it shows. We managed a horrific deep rutted waterlogged forest road, which I would have hesitated in a Discovery; and were the first through (including 4x4s) for two weeks.

It was great having so much space - we even managed to bring back a vintage J40 type Moskvitch child's car without any problems, but we would have appreciated better flexibility with the seats at times; it would be nice to be able to make up a sleeping area for example, or recline the rear seats.

The children love the bus and miss it when we drive something else. The low windows, great visibility and stacks of storage for toys, drinks, games etc mean they can see everything and do not get bored. The fact we are not too precious about it helps too - the mud and sandwiches wipe off the excellent fabrics and hard plastics easily. They see it as the fun bus and always being on an adventure.

So, a safe, successful and enjoyable trip in our 12 year old Tourneo, enjoyed by all. My respect for it grows and grows.

3rd Jun 2013, 15:02

Tourneo use with a family: it sort of puts it into context when you leave the Tourneo at home in the school holidays, and go out in other people's cars and find their limitations, which do not apply to Tourneo owners.

Mazda Bongo Freetop - no walk-through from the front, tight driver's and front passenger's area due to the central tunnel, less comfortable, hopeless off road even with 4wd, won't go in 2m car parks, ferries etc, less boot space, 25 MPG or 28 on a run - but is more flexible re: seating and sleeping.

Mazda CX-7 4wd - a superb car, but the kids hate it as they can't see out of the rear windows, and the privacy glass makes it dingy and depressing in the back - but it overtakes like a missile! Car seats ruin the high quality leathers.

Vauxhall Zafira - quieter and more car like, but rear seats are 1" off the rear glass, giving no boot space and poor rear impact protection. It's a nightmare getting in and out of the rear row of seats, which offer poor visibility, and there is just no room or flexibility for spontaneity, plus it is low down and can't cope with tracks or beaches.

Toyota Landcruiser Amazon - a great vehicle, but again the rear seats are not comfy, fuel economy is scary, and it is a properly demanding vehicle to lug about and park - much more capable off road, but are we crossing the Sahara or having a picnic up a green lane?

We often go in other cars from Audis to Zafiras, but nothing beats the Tourneo for a growing family to use day in, day out, spring, summer, autumn, winter. It is cheap to buy, great to own, easy to park - fits in most car parking spaces (similar dimensions to a Mondeo), fits under the dreaded 2.0m barriers at most car parks, and is cheap to run at around 35 MPG. Factor in zero depreciation if bought well and looked after; it is a no-brainer.

Some parts prices:

We bought off eBay 4 wheels and nearly new tyres for £92.

New bumper corner (easy DIY fit) £18 inc postage.

Full genuine Ford service kit including oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, pollen filter, sump plug; £75.

Genuine used Ford headlight, £18 inc delivery.

Complete low mileage engine with ancillaries, £350.

Brand new front wing delivered, £28.

It gives you some idea of running costs - along with 35 MPG, £270pa tax and reasonable insurance, it is affordable for a family with low funds, and:

The Tourneo is a vehicle that every passenger adores, that can mix day to day urban use in congested areas with tight parking, with continent crossing autobahn stints and also hard use in harsh off road situations (with the right tyres).

Parts are easy to find across Europe and you can be blase about using it - it is as tough as old boots and cheap to mend.

Take the best bits of a Landrover Discovery and a VW T5, and add 8 seats that a 7' tall person could be happy in, factor in 35 MPG and ridiculously cheap, affordable, available parts, and the fact that the size and shape of it make it easier to park and place on the road than a Corsa, then you get the Tourneo.

Our enjoyment of it goes on and on.

Like I do!