11th Aug 2022, 11:33

Along with the Renault Trafic, vans from this time period make excellent motor home conversions.

5th May 2023, 11:16

I think that a newer van would be more reliable for a conversion.

5th May 2023, 21:04

Not necessarily true. A fundamentally well-built, simple and reliable van like this, well maintained, can be far superior to newer models with more expensive things to go wrong. I would rather go for a van like this that I can have a go at fixing at the roadside, than something which needs a computer expert to tell me what is wrong.

7th May 2023, 01:19

A 2004 like this one is still going to be just as computer-dependant as a newer one.

7th May 2023, 11:37

It does restrict ones ability to visit places due to it not passing ULEZ and other clean air cities in England.

7th May 2023, 15:46

Not in this case. The 2000-2006 Mk3 Transit vans had the new bodyshell and chassis, but were using proven older mechanical technology that was only phased out in the 2006 facelift... quite a few of the later electronic additions weren't available until the facelift either. This is a basic old van in pretty new clothes.

7th May 2023, 15:50

While this is a technically valid point, I wouldn't choose to use a camper van to visit central London... ULEZ is not yet a problem in places where a camper is a practical choice.

7th May 2023, 19:40

Exactly. It is hardly a simple Banana lump version from the 1990s. I feel this might be fools gold as by the time a few thousand has been spent to make it a tad more reliable, reality shall win as it is not suited to modern emission standards.

8th May 2023, 12:25

It still will not pass emissions for ULEZ and other clean air zones.

13th May 2023, 19:46

A 2004 like this one is still going to be just as computer-dependant as a newer one.

14th May 2023, 14:58

Yes, as mentioned before in the comment above. Anyways, pretty much anything from the 1990's onward's needs a "computer" to read fault codes and other things. You want a purely mechanical car, you have to go back to the 1980's or older.