12th Oct 2015, 20:56

Hi, so good to hear. We have a 1997 VG Transit LWB HR 2.0 turbo diesel and have had a lot of problems sourcing them in Oz. We finally had some help on some parts via the UK, but the guy kept quoting part nos (different cataloguing apparently).

Anyway, long story short - we found out our Transit (or at least the parts) was made in Germany???

Our latest problem is that the brakes need bleeding. Have been told by a good friend (non-Transit owner) that they don't bleed "the usual way"???

We are at a total loss as to what to do.

Does anyone know or have any ideas re this. We are at the desperate stage now, as everything has ground to a halt.


1st Jan 2016, 09:31

Hi, I fitted an Ecotech V6 to my VG mid roof and fitted the Commodore cruise control, and put 235/75/15 tyres on to bring the revs down.


18th Jan 2016, 14:06

Howdy, I have a 1999 LWB high roof and I fitted a V6 2001 Ecotec and auto extractors, bigger rear tyres, and run my air intake down to underneath the bumper, and it hammers along 180 kph so far. Just haven't got the air con done yet.

Cheers, Mark.

8th Feb 2016, 23:12

VG Transit 07 / 1997 2.5 TDI Turbo Diesel, 4 speed Automatic.

The 2.5 TDI diesel is not a powerful as the newer 2.4 TDCI, and the side mirrors are definitely not as good as the larger mirrors on Transits from 2000 onwards, but the 06 - 00 vans are lots cheaper and do run fine.

I bought this 1997 Van in December 2015 with 254,000 km on the clock. It needed lots of little things fixing, but I only paid $2000 for it.

I did one big initial service:

Change engine oil (and add teflon), oil filter, air filter, tyres, radio, replaced interior dash fan, replaced leaking injector return lines, replaced old perished vacuum lines, replaced leaking exhaust manifold gasket, radiator hoses, radiator and engine flush, new 6 year coolant, diff oil (and add 500g Nulon Teflon G70), transmission oil flush. Adjusted sliding door and replaced handle. Used a needle to grease all suspension joints, repack and adjust front wheel bearings. Replaced rear brake shoes.


Done 5000km (I am a courier and use the van every day).

No leaks - oil, diesel, coolant fluid or otherwise.

9-10km per litre (10-11L/100km).

Starts first time. Runs smooth.

Last thing to service is the air con.


22nd Mar 2016, 02:50

I fitted a VP V6 into my VG about 12 years ago. A few teething problems, but once ironed out it was the fastest van around. Got some strange looks from other motorists when taking off at lights, especially from other Transit drivers. Still using it today. But now it's not the fastest; my VH with a worked VT engine is... Not for long however, a friend has nearly finished his supercharged 350 V8 conversion. Bound to be a few more confused looks...

30th Mar 2016, 12:46

I have just bought a 96 turbo diesel Transit with exactly what you described. And my engine light is on.

5th Jun 2016, 02:52

"I fitted a VP V6 into my VG about 12 years ago' - I have a VG Transit with a V6 Holden + Auto box, but it revs really high at 100km/h (about 4,500 RPM) as it seem the diff ratio is incorrect (4.56/1), so what did you do about that?

4th Nov 2016, 05:54

Recently bought 1994 high roof Transit van, diesel auto. I can't find a replacement diff anywhere, and this one has to be done. I planned to turn my van into a camper, but now am reluctant to spend any more money on it as parts are scarce and expensive. Doors all lock, but won't unlock with the key, motor is great, as is the transmission, but the noisy diff has to go, any suggestions?

7th Jan 2017, 17:08

You could try Ebay. Might be expensive though.

A scrap yard would be a long shot, since this model of van was discontinued over 20 years ago, but you never know. Bear in mind when searching, being an auto transmission, the diff may be slightly different than the one used in a manual.

Failing that mate, try a Google search for Ford/Ford Transit forums and see if anyone can help on any of the sites on there.

22nd Feb 2017, 10:46

Hey. We have a wreckers in Townsville that has a diff for yours (07) 4775 5544 Partington 4wd

24th May 2017, 00:02

The 1998 ex postie Transit diesel automatic I have will now not go forward. It did sluggishly for a while and now is only good in reverse (when the fluid was hot, it would not go forward till it cooled down, so once to get me home I took out the thermostat). A mechanic told me I should clean out the filter in the transmission. Is that correct? And is it a matter of dropping the sump of the transmission, which I did 10,000 km ago when I last replaced the transmission fluid (16 litres if I remember rightly).

I live at Aberdeen between Newcastle and Tamworth. Has anyone any recycled parts suppliers they know in this general location, or know of anyone who could give me a price for the Holden engine/gearbox conversion? (say between Brisbane and Sydney)