1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


At 40,000 needed rotors and breaks.

At about 45000 miles the Automatic transmission compleatly went bad and needed replaced because it was not repairable.

At 48000 miles the power steering pump went bad and needed replaced.

At 75000 the metal water system piping started leaking.

The light on the check engine would stay on after 40000 miles, but no one could see what was wrong.

The fuel level indicator would be incorrect from the time we bought the car.

80,000 miles the car would not start. the problem is the wiring side of the starter. I m working on this one now.

The rear tail light socket melted so I had no stop signal.

General Comments:

Problem lemon.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2005

1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L from North America


Won't buy a Ford again... period!


Brakes (noisy from day one)

Heating blend door replaced @ 80,000km

Steering rack replaced (twice) @ 80,000km and 97,000km.

General Comments:

Performed admirably until 1 year off warranty then the blend door went (no heat) @ 80,000km and it was 20 below ($1300 tab). A week later the steering rack went ($700 tab). One year and one week later the rack went again (a week after the part warranty expired). Ford has so graciously offered to pick up half the repair cost! ($400 tab). What a bunch of swell fellas! Remember, Quality is job one! Ha! Will be trading in on a Honda within the next week, just not sure whether to fix it first or top up the power steering fluid and let them find out later... any thoughts/comments? Aaah it feels good to vent again after lighting into the guy from the Ford Head Office who tried to tell me that the dealer was "going the extra mile" for me.


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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

13th Apr 2005, 07:22

It's amazing. Our vehicle had the same exact problems and we came to the same conclusion. Honda Odyssey. We kept our fingers crossed that the Windstar would make it to the dealership. Get the Honda, you won't be sorry.

26th Oct 2005, 14:04

78K same problem... no heat. Inflation...$1,500 tab to repair. Waiting on rack problem!!!

1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L V6 from North America


Piece of junk. Unreliable


Main wire harness went and was replaced after 6 months of ownership.

All engine gaskets needed to be replaced after about 2 years of ownership.

Steering squeaks and is rough.

Car stalls if it rains or is cold.

Faulty door switches cause interior lights to stay on and flicker on and off.

Speed sensors broke after about 2 years.

Doors sometimes don't lock or unlock.

Rear speakers stopped working after about a year.

General Comments:

This is the biggest piece of junk car I've ever seen. No car should have this many problems in such a short amount of time. Definitely a lemon.

Right from the start, this car has had a score of electric and mechanical problems. Very unreliable because you never know when it will stall on you. In a couple of instances it didn't even start.

A major problem is that due to faulty door switches, the interior lights will stay on. Our battery has died because of this and the only way to remedy it quickly is to yank the fuse, leaving you with no lights at all.

After only a couple of years all the gaskets on the engine cracked and all needed to be replaced which cost around $1000.

Bottom line: Never buy a Ford minivan unless you're willing to shovel 400 dollars into it every few months. Stay away from this car whatever you do.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004

28th Mar 2005, 07:44

How about putting a Chevy engine and transmission in the Windstar? Comparing both mini vans, the Ford has better body and under corrosion, and GM has an engine and tranny that out rates the Ford. I've talked to an engineer at Ford, who said if the Windstar and some of its other vehicles were to last too long, they would lose money. And he wasn't kidding. If they make it to 150,000 miles, he said you're lucky. So good luck owners.