1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


The thorn in my flesh that will not go away


3 transmissions. One at 60,000 miles one at 125,000 and one at 130,000. Ours also had the demon possessed lighting feature... going off and on for no reason. Demon possessed locks... locking and unlocking for no reason. Both for a while were only when we turned right, we called it the "right turn warning signal" (not mentioned in the owners manual). Leaky head gasket. Replaced rack and pinion at 70k. Always has been noisy when turning. Tie rods are bad. Engine knocks unless you give it Premium Fuel. Engine will not idle at a stop sign. Even on it's best days, transmission has always hard shifted into 2nd gear. New feature is that the battery runs down overnight for no reason. Added an aftermarket item to easily disconnect the battery every night. Worked well for a while, but Christine has figured that one out and now won't start when I went out this morning. I keep praying for a good collision in this hunk of junk or a midnight theft ending with a crash into a tree, but so far no luck. Wish this thing were parked in New Orleans when Katrina cam through. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a FORD product again... NEVER.

General Comments:

It is a hunk of Junk. Ford... where quality does not exist.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.0 V6 from North America


I found a real gem when I got this new


At 30,000 miles Check-engine light came on. Took to dealer. Van needed checkup ($500+). Light out.

At 60,000 miles Check-engine light came on. Researched and reset light myself.


Disconnect battery cable. Turn key/ignition 'on' for 1 min. or so, then 'off'. Re-attached battery cable. Service NAG light goes off. Arranged 3rd party service.

At 90,000 miles Check-engine light came on. Same story. Same remedy. NAG light went off.

At 85,000 miles, Passenger door latch stiff. Wouldn't latch or unlatch at one point. Corroded due to rare use and rain. Sprayed penetrating oil on it and used it some. It freed up and has worked since.

At 92,000 miles, Door ajar light on dash came on and wouldn't go out. Passenger door latch 'switch' went bad, contacts always open. Couldn't repair. Have to replace. Shorted across sensor cable to remedy dash-light annoyance for now.

At 99,600 miles, Heater duct door actuator won't change duct-door from cold to hot. Actuator bad. It only clicks or grinds when operated. Have to replace it. Searching for one now. Ford dealer is $60+ (in-stock), Auto-part dealer $30+ (no-stock).

General Comments:

I've had relatively good luck with this vehicle.

Only minor problems have occurred so far.

Vehicle interior is showing signs of age at 99,900. Dash plastic surface cracked and blistered.

Had to replace rear hatch door gas-springs (2) twice now.

Power mirror on drivers door doesn't work right. Goes up and down, but not right and left. Adjusting manually.

If I could find another 2000 Windstar with low mileage (50,000) and good care, I'd buy it.

I have liked this vehicle. I found a gem when I bought this brand new.

I just don't have any major complaints of the 1999 Ford Windstar LX.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2007

1999 Ford Windstar LX V6 from North America


The breakdowns are frustrating, not expected



Fuel line failure.

Brakes seized.

Internal fuel-tank gage quit.

Back, driver-side door won't open.

General Comments:

I've always had good luck with Fords, until this one. I just got rid of it today after the back, driver-side door won't open. I think part of the door frame or mechanism is bent or broke. I forced the door open and at the same time the back, quarter-panel window shattered. Good room, good comfort, but too many problems started to frustrate me. The door/window was my last straw. I traded it in for a 06 Chevy Uplander.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007