2002 Ford Windstar LX V6 from North America


So far, So good


At 15000 miles we have had no problems.

General Comments:

This van was taken on a long trip recently with three children. It was very comfortable for all.

The dual air conditioning is the way to go. Everyone stays cool.

Excellent sound system for a factory installed system.

Fuel mileage could be better. The large fuel tank helps.

The vehicle handles well for a minivan. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at this. The last minivan we owned handled poorly. Especially in bad weather. This was a welcome change.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2003

19th Jun 2010, 19:16

02 Limited Windstar, 135,000 miles, best car I have ever owned. Has small oil leak, but does not use any. We drive it 350 miles 2 times a month. Love it.

2002 Ford Windstar Sport V6 from North America


An excellent family vehicle


To date this vehicle has been very reliable.

General Comments:

The Ford Windstar Sport is an excellent choice for a family vehicle. It's stylish looks and comfort make this vehicle winner.

The only nuisance is windnoise... however that can greatly be reduced by investing in a set of high quality tires.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

15th Oct 2005, 21:06

Actually, wind noise won't become less if you have a good set of tires, it is road noise that becomes less. I have Goodyear Regatta 2's for all 4 tires and they are awesome.

Anyway, the Ford Windstar Sport is an excellent van, but its fuel consumption is horrible. There are many options that can help with fuel economy and add more horsepower. These options include Iridium spark plugs, K&N air filter or True Flow cold air intake, a decent exhaust, good tires (properly inflated), and refraining from treating the van like a Formula 1 racer, lol. Try those ideas that I have suggested and fuel economy will be better along with more horsepower.

6th Aug 2006, 22:13

Please disregard my comment about the "NGK Iridium" spark plugs. These spark plugs are meant for racing engines only. If you decide to replace your spark plugs, go with the stock ones instead.

11th Oct 2006, 15:47

I just looked for hints to improve fuel mileage for the Windstar and found very little help. Windstar owners just put up with it, they don't even tell how much they consume. This comment on improving fuel mileage is a little off as well. It doesn't make sense to me to spent all this money on the exhaust system in order to get it back in little droplets. My K&N filter did nothing to fuel consumption or power, but it will pay for itself because it lasts for ever.

13th Jun 2008, 13:30

I would think using a top synthetic oil, if not doing so already, will help fuel economy on many vehicles.

2002 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8L from North America


Best van on the road!

General Comments:

Van was is fine. Has all the toys, power sliding doors, TV, VCR, Reverse Sensing, etc. Gas mileage is the only downer, 19.6 in the winter (Traction control was nice) and 18.5 in the with both A/C's on.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002

3rd Mar 2003, 19:46

This review is not a good one. You should wait a few months before submitting a review. You make like your van, but what happens if things start going wrong after a few months?

27th May 2004, 13:41

We have a 2002 Ford Windstar. To date, we have had problems with the sliding doors not closing properly, we have had to replace the front axle on the right side and we had to have the front brakes repaired. It was also in the shop for the brake light coming on, and a loud metallic screeching sound. Coming up will be the fourth time we have had it in to be told that there is nothing wrong with the car. There obviously is, or it would not make these loud noises. I would not recommend buying one of these cars. From what I have read, the 2002 Windstar make the lemon list for 2002. Do your homework before buying!!!