2nd Dec 2010, 20:03

I wrote the original review, and am absolutely sticking to it... I have now surpassed the 200,000 mile mark and she's still going strong!! I live in Winnipeg Canada, where it's cold as heck, and the roads are salted and sanded all winter, and the Windstar passed the "recall" inspection no problems... No axle problems or sub frame issues to be found.

Like I said above, reviews (both good and bad) are ONE persons opinion only. I cannot agree with people slagging off on the Windstar... Keep over paying for your Hondas and Toyotas... you're keeping the Japanese very very, happy...

26th Jan 2011, 05:07

Original poster here ---> Now at 207000 miles, and the beast is still going strong. -35 degrees here for the last week and half, and the Windstar started everyday without being plugged in or parked inside. To the poster above who advises readers what vans to buy... Caravans? Montanas? Seriously, you're joking right?

PS Toyota just recalled another 1.7 million vehicles worldwide today... hmm... Keep buying Japanese, they've gotten as complacent as the big three did a few years ago...

27th Jan 2011, 17:06

"Like I said above, reviews (both good and bad) are ONE persons opinion only."

... but if many have the same issues, it is reflecting on that vehicle of that year. Sometimes it leads to safety recalls.

"I cannot agree with people slagging off on the Windstar..."

...neither do I, because they forget it is about that vehicle of that year.

23rd Aug 2014, 22:58

What do you mean, you manually shift the gears? My transmission is skipping 1st gear and clunking when I go into reverse. I was told I need a tranny, but I want to milk it for another 3000 or so like you did, so tell me what I need to do. Say I'm going to a stop sign or light... what do I do differently than I would do if I was going up a hill, since I have to do that too on the way to church. Ugh! I'm not putting any more parts on this 2000 Windstar... don't have money to buy another car, so it sucks!

29th Sep 2014, 17:24

Geez. Our 1998 Windstar was actually fairly good to us over the years, but then it did have the smaller engine (3.0 Vulcan).

The 4.3 Vortech in an Astro/Safari cannot be beat for getting groceries, hauling kids, towing stuff, etc day in and day out, and it won't blow up on you. That's a commercial grade engine for real, but they quit making them. Best thing out there on the road today? Anyone's guess. I'd stay with a low-mile Safari van myself.

17th Feb 2016, 07:47

For windstar LX 3.8L V6 has been rated by many as one of the worst minivans; but I disagree with you guys. It may be a surprise for you to learn that I had a 2000 Ford Windstar LX that ran for 285,438 KM without major problem except changing brakes and regular maintenance. I had to give up when I purchased a brand new SUV.