2000 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8L from North America


Lousy lemon


Windshield wipers failed to work. Cost nearly $500 for the repair of a defect in the wiper system.

Rear window unexpectedly broke due to cold weather, so another $250 for replacement of the defective window glass.

Engine light always on. Dealer claims it is a normal problem due to a defective gas cap. This after replacement and over $100 later.

Coolant leak due to a very poor design of the cooling system (running a tube through the manifold system). That was another $525 to fix.

Front spring broke while driving with absolutely no indication anything was wrong. Don't have cost for the spring fix, as I don't know what the total extent of damage is, or how much it will cost.

General Comments:

This is THE worst vehicle I have EVER had. There are many little things wrong with it that just annoy the heck out of me as well. I have always stayed away from Ford, but thought this one looked like it might be a good vehicle. Boy was I wrong. Due to the local dealer being downright rude and a bit nasty, I will NEVER, EVER buy another Ford of any kind again.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2010

22nd Mar 2010, 09:40

The car was nearing the 100K mile mark and you are complaining about a $1000 outlay? You could do worse. Like the transmission on these cars that may go at around 100K miles. Praise yourself lucky. A 6 year old cars is not a new car. You have to repair these. Yes, the Windstar is not the best car ever built, but not the worst either. If you want zero repairs; buy a new car.

8th Apr 2010, 21:14

The check engine light is probably on because of a leaky manifold gasket. I've got 165k on my Windstar and I love it. Just replaced the tranny and the struts. Knew the struts were gone because of a clunking noise when turning the wheel. You seem to be paying quite a bit for repairs though. I just replaced the tranny, both front struts and shocks, the exhaust, valve and manifold gaskets, spark plug set, all vacuum hoses and a general tune up and oil change for 3k. Only reason it was that much is because the tranny is just over 2k for a re-manufactured one with labor. BTW I have a SEL 3.8L.

2000 Ford Windstar SE 3.8 from North America


No wonder they stopped making them


Transmission replacement at 89000 in June 2007.

Burning oil and coolant right now (head gasket?)

Right front blinker stopped working (wiring?)

Rear heat/air blower went out completely January 2009.

Horrible struts/shocks/tie-rods.

Driver's rear door makes a rattling sound on damp days.

Horrible rusting on bottom of that door (see that on most of the same models I see).

Second transmission starting to make noises, and clunk at putting in gear.

The message board never worked correctly for temp/direction/home link.

Brake fluid is vanishing, but can't see where, since it isn't leaving puddles.

Driver's door keyless entry/power door lock stopped working on warm/damp days. Only works in winter/cold weather it seems.

There has always been a loud whirring noise when turn right... now it has started when turning left after 5 years. Mechanic could not figure it out for 3 years.

Hard to start when parked on an incline.

General Comments:

The van is roomy enough for a large family to get in and out. Trunk space is small for cargo. So for trips, a lot of stuff goes in between the seats, and at everyone's feet.

Have had a lot of issues with transmission, electrical, and suspension. I think the head gasket needs to be replaced, but that will cost more than it is worth. I can't wait to get rid of it.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2010

21st Apr 2010, 09:35

Brake fluid vanishing:

Make sure to check the brake pressure switch at the master cylinder. Look over the air cleaner to the firewall. It could leak and allow the fluid to run down the wire and get into the ABS control. That situation could even cause a fire.

Whirring noise:

That's a common power steering noise. It's a nuisance for sure, but in itself it is no reason to replace the power steering pump. You could try replacing the power steering fluid or to add "Lucas Oil" Power Steering Fix. It raises the viscosity and therefore reduces the noise.