2000 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L V6 from North America


Reliable and dependable


Speed control sensor switch at 125,000 miles.

Driver's side power window at 140,000 miles.

Front heater/AC blend door actuator at 155,000 miles.

Automatic transmission failure at 97,000 miles.

Check engine light from leaking intake manifold gasket at 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall I am pleased with this minivan and find it much more pleasant driving experience than a car. It's 3.8 L V-6 has plenty of torque and gets good gas mileage. It handles like a car, it's easy to drive, you sit up high, and the line of sight gives you ample view of what's up ahead.

It's aerodynamic style and handling does not result in drivers fatigue like full size vans can cause. It is susceptible to highway noise, but quiet compared to other minivans in its price range.

It serves as a multifunctional vehicle, and has served my lifestyle well. It seats up to 7 people, and when the seats are taken out, it is great for hauling small loads. When taking trips, removing the back bench seat provides room in the back so one person can rest while the other drives. I am happy with it.

As for the above problems, it's expected and except for the automatic transmission (which is unusual for a Ford), all repairs can be done by an owner familiar with basic automobile repair.

I will probably always own at least one minivan, and would purchase another used Windstar.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2009

21st Dec 2009, 12:47

I had a 2003 Windstar LX myself. I liked the van for a short time, then things began breaking... and breaking again. I really don't want to go into to much detail, as it would be an ENORMOUS list of repairs, It really disappointed me that so many happened within the first 50,000 miles or so. Put me off of Ford for good, and for the most part, domestic vehicles.

2000 Ford Windstar LX V6 from North America


Really, it's been a lemon


Left us stranded on side of road at 88000 miles. Paid $2000 for a new transmission.

Numerous problems with engine light, emission problems, ball joints.

Constantly replacing brakes and pads.

General Comments:

One problem after another. The ride is smooth but is not worth the hassle of repairs.

It would've been worth it to pay the extra for a Honda or Toyota van in the beginning.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2009

5th Nov 2009, 18:32

I'd go with the Honda. One of my old "buddies" when I was younger stole (yes STOLE) an '01 Odyssey van and drove it for about a week.. I was AMAZED at the abuse the thing took (as well as the fact that he never got pulled over or caught in it LOL).. Hey I feel for the owner (s) (they did recover their van but still) but what he did, it was the ultimate test of build quality & durability I've seen. Jus a word of advice, DON'T leave your spare key in the glovebox!! Especially in a High-Crime area.. I don't know who's more of a knucklehead, my former friend or the van's owners!

6th Nov 2009, 17:09

I had a 2003 Ford Windstar, and soon after buying it, I felt that I should've gone with Toyota or Honda as well.

2000 Ford Windstar from North America


Overall, a very nice and reliable car


Axel seals seem to like to leak as the car gets older.

Current issue is the wheel bearing, which from reading other comments, a few others people are also experiencing.

Sometimes I find I need to jiggle the key in the ignition before I can start the car on hot days. Uncertain on how the heat affects the ignition, but at least it's consistent and solvable. Figuring this out took a while because the car will otherwise appear to have a flat battery and not start, but the lights will be on. All it took was a few light taps back and forth before trying to turn the key again, and it would start.

General Comments:

Other than the fact that I wish my 2000 Windstar was also a hybrid, it has served me well and our family has had few major problems with Ford vehicles. It's very comfortable, and most everything is in easy reach (minus things I probably shouldn't be reaching for while driving, anyway...).

The van to my surprise when we bought it as an ex-rental, gets better mileage than my Taurus wagon did. I don't know how some people are only getting 11 mpg, but I find that if I drive 55 mph on the freeway, take it easy with sudden starts and stops on back roads and take out far the back seat, I can drive an extra 75 miles on a full tank. Manual lists a standard of 400 miles on a full tank, but I've seen close to 400 with about 1/8 a tank to go on using just basic unleaded fuel.

One other thing I like is that the Windstar is a little shorter in length than a number of other vans on the market, which makes it a tad easier to find parking at times.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009