2000 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


Great overall design, but unreliable


- Intake manifold gasket problem, at 77000 miles. We just came out from the dealer, no warranty, and the check engine light turned on. After several months of research in different repair shops and several hundred dollars, we found that the intake manifold gasket had a design flaw and would produce this problem.

- Water hose at 80000 miles. Some coolant hose broke and the car run out of water. It did not overheat because we found the problem right on time.

- Steering pump broke at 85000 miles. We replaced that and then the car was problem-free.

- Steering pump broke again, at 103000 miles. Repaired.

- Transmission broke at 112000 miles. The repair cost was $2500.

- Power steering problem at 112000 miles. Pump seems to be OK, so there may be something else...

- Computer died at 113000 miles. For the first time since we bought it 3 years ago, the car just stopped and did not start anymore. We took it to a repair shop. They could not repair it, so we took it to another repair shop. They said that the key was not working because of the passive anti theft system (PATS), so we should buy and program another one. We did not believe and took it to the dealer. They said that it was not the key, but the computer. They ordered the piece that would take a week to arrive, and suddenly the dealership went out of business. We paid for the diagnosis and took the car to another dealership, paying new diagnosis and waiting 2 more weeks for the part to come. After 3 weeks, we are about to pick the car up, hopefully to take it home, clean it, take pictures and sell it ASAP.

General Comments:

We love the design, the power, the room. It is great for trips. Feels really comfortable, powerful, easy to drive.

Although not fuel efficient (around 20mpg on freeway), it is reasonable for such a big car.

However, we think it is unreliable, too much electronics that most repair shops cannot understand, so it takes several hours to find the problem.

The engine is fantastic, but transmission is easy to break, power steering system is noisy and not reliable.

Maintenance is expensive in terms of money and time.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

2000 Ford Windstar 3.8 V6 from North America


Cheap, but not inexpensive


Torque converter failed at 35000 miles - $1100.

Tie rod ends needed to be replaced at 33000 miles.

Speakers only work when they want to.

Padding in the seats is already shot.

Many random squeaks and groans.

Brakes wore out prematurely.

Now the power steering pump is failing.

General Comments:

I am very disappointed with the quality of this van. I bought it because I got a great deal one it (or so I thought). Since then, I have had nothing but problems with it. I constantly find myself wondering what will go out next. Also, it has always been garage kept and is already starting to rust at just 6 years old.

The interior seems cheap, the door panels aren't even the same color as the dash board, and the rear seats are terribly uncomfortable.

The gas mileage is terrible. I average 15 city 20 highway. I will never buy another Ford product for as long as I live. If you're looking for quality, economy, or reliability, don't be seduced by Ford's good looks, you will get burned in the end.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2006

2000 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


Becoming a stress full issue and a scaring trapped feeling with only for payments into it


We have made a total of 4 payments on the 2000 Wind star LX 3.8L.

The engine light comes on a running temp and idle is sluggish, and some times rough.

After reading similar problems with other Wind stars I am afraid of putting any money in to this car.

Especially if it is a manufacture defect.

We are pulling codes PO171 & PO174.

Which neither offer a fix just a list of expense and time taking trail and error. We are in the middle of trying to purchase a home and this could not be happening at a worst time. I am scared to death and what this will cost. And can't afford the time away form work to get it fixed. I feel ford should be taking some responsibility for this defect and helping the customers out. Fix it or pay it off so that we can afford to fix it, is my suggestion.

General Comments:

This car runs OK, but idles rough, research states it will only get worse.

The interior light come on and off on there own.

Since the engine lite starting coming on we have noticed a drop in gas mileage.

Engine noise I cannot identify, but sounds like metal on metal tapping hard when accelerating up hill.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 16:19

I don't know if this will help you or not, but on my 1996 Ford Ranger pickup (4L engine) I pulled the same codes you got when I had a rough idle/ stalling at red lights problem. The codes mean a lean air/fuel mixture (extra air getting into the fuel) so the dealer changed the intake gasket twice before figuring out that the EGR assembly was rusted out. Just a thought.

Also for the dome light issues, try spraying WD40 into the mechanism on the door frame that activates the light. These are notorious for trouble.