2000 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8 gas from North America


Solid, ballsy, comfortable, reliable. Love it


Replaced the brakes, a ball joint and trans flush.

General Comments:

I read these other reviews, and what are people talking about?

This is our fourth Ford Windstar, they are reliable, comfortable, powerful. We live in the Midwest and tons of salt on the road. No rust, at all! I have no complaints.

I finally replaced the plugs and wires at 126,000, it didn't even need them.

I had the transmission fluid flushed, and replaced a lower ball joint on one side.

We tow a boat weighs 3500 pounds, don't even have a towing package, I just put a Uhaul hitch on it, no prob. Tows the boat, 7 people, with dual air conditioning running at summer temperatures outside at 70 mph, with no problem, and I mean no problems. 132,000 miles on it!

There must be a lot of bias in these reviews, because like I said we have had three other Windstars and they are great. My wife cried, yes, cried and wouldn't talk to me after our lease was up on the last one, so we got another one. Bought it used, it has been great.

I looked at the Japanese vans, did not like the styling, not many options, pretty cooky cutter. Ford gives you lots for the buck. Only complaint at all, want 45 mpg, then it would be perfect. We got away from the vans for one year, with a family, it is the only way to go, room for all, and their stuff. Awesome on vacations.

Ken, OH

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Review Date: 24th May, 2007

6th Mar 2008, 17:01

Indeed you hit on a point. Many negative reports have a bias against Ford or American manufacturers. Where is that negative bias coming from?

Maybe a bunch of owners overspent to begin with, now they are upside down with their loans (owing more than the vehicle is worth) and feel trapped.

I believe this and similar sites attract more people with complaints than people who are happy. Then, some cars may attract enthusiast who are likely in love with their ride, so you find more positive reports whereas other vehicles attract cost conscious if not penny-pinching folks, who abhor of any expense related to their vehicles.

I see many well aged Ford Windstars on the road and I think they cannot be as bad as you might think after reading the blue-faced reports.

I bought my '03 used, it's above 90K miles and made no trouble. There were distractions, but nothing that I couldn't take care of myself.

8th Aug 2008, 15:06

I have a 2000 and although its not perfect, I have encountered none of the issues the negative reviewers have. Ours is a low mileage van, 8 years old only 56,000 miles. The mass air flow sensor went. Other than that its been great. My 3 young kids are not very nice to the interior, but the leather holds up well. I had the trans serviced this year before we drove it on vacation, preventative maint. I keep the oil changed myself, but other than that, we don't "baby" this thing. When its time to replace, we will probably look for a Freestar since this has been a very reliable family truckster!

27th Oct 2009, 01:14

I would say that most of the complaints about the Windstar come after the small parts fail, like a window or two. Or perhaps it's when the transmission goes. When you read the other reviews, it's not usually someone trying to sell you a sob story. It's their experience with said vehicle. That is what this site is about, sharing experience. It's good that some people got good Windstars, because, looking at the other reviews, you're in the minority.

5th Jan 2010, 20:44

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar SEL. Besides the struts and the shocks being replaced, this is a very reliable van, and I live in the state with the worst roads (NY CITY). If it can hold up here, it can hold up anywhere.

I love my Windstar. I have only had it a short while, but I have no signs of mechanical break downs as of yet, but when I do, I will update my post.

2000 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8 from North America


The Ford Windstar is a horrible van!


O2 sensor went bad in 2005.

Something called the Synchronizer went bad in 2006 and caused the van to stall and squeal.

ABS system does not work and shows errors 2005.

Broken tie rods 2006.

Transmission completely gone at 101,000 miles (Transmission was fully serviced only 6 months ago)

Bad brakes after replacing them only 6 months earlier. A caliber needed to replaced and was causing unusual break wear.

General Comments:

This van has been nothing, but a problem for us. What money pit it has been. Yesterday while driving down the road the transmission failed. Mechanic wants $2200 to fix and that was it for me. No more. I will NEVER buy another Ford. Built Ford Tough... what a inaccurate slogan. Buyer beware!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2007