2000 Ford Windstar LX V6 from North America


Really, it's been a lemon


Left us stranded on side of road at 88000 miles. Paid $2000 for a new transmission.

Numerous problems with engine light, emission problems, ball joints.

Constantly replacing brakes and pads.

General Comments:

One problem after another. The ride is smooth but is not worth the hassle of repairs.

It would've been worth it to pay the extra for a Honda or Toyota van in the beginning.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2009

5th Nov 2009, 18:32

I'd go with the Honda. One of my old "buddies" when I was younger stole (yes STOLE) an '01 Odyssey van and drove it for about a week.. I was AMAZED at the abuse the thing took (as well as the fact that he never got pulled over or caught in it LOL).. Hey I feel for the owner (s) (they did recover their van but still) but what he did, it was the ultimate test of build quality & durability I've seen. Jus a word of advice, DON'T leave your spare key in the glovebox!! Especially in a High-Crime area.. I don't know who's more of a knucklehead, my former friend or the van's owners!

6th Nov 2009, 17:09

I had a 2003 Ford Windstar, and soon after buying it, I felt that I should've gone with Toyota or Honda as well.

2000 Ford Windstar from North America


Overall, a very nice and reliable car


Axel seals seem to like to leak as the car gets older.

Current issue is the wheel bearing, which from reading other comments, a few others people are also experiencing.

Sometimes I find I need to jiggle the key in the ignition before I can start the car on hot days. Uncertain on how the heat affects the ignition, but at least it's consistent and solvable. Figuring this out took a while because the car will otherwise appear to have a flat battery and not start, but the lights will be on. All it took was a few light taps back and forth before trying to turn the key again, and it would start.

General Comments:

Other than the fact that I wish my 2000 Windstar was also a hybrid, it has served me well and our family has had few major problems with Ford vehicles. It's very comfortable, and most everything is in easy reach (minus things I probably shouldn't be reaching for while driving, anyway...).

The van to my surprise when we bought it as an ex-rental, gets better mileage than my Taurus wagon did. I don't know how some people are only getting 11 mpg, but I find that if I drive 55 mph on the freeway, take it easy with sudden starts and stops on back roads and take out far the back seat, I can drive an extra 75 miles on a full tank. Manual lists a standard of 400 miles on a full tank, but I've seen close to 400 with about 1/8 a tank to go on using just basic unleaded fuel.

One other thing I like is that the Windstar is a little shorter in length than a number of other vans on the market, which makes it a tad easier to find parking at times.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009

2000 Ford Windstar SEL from North America


A great vehicle that's hard to beat for value for the dollar


Usual wear and tear items (tires/brakes/steering items).

Heater control unit.

Power doors don't always fully latch.

General Comments:

Love it, always have since first used one from a rental company on vacation. Looks great, very, very comfortable seats, and very good handling for such a big unit. Engine spins like a top, and overall quality is good; much better than many of it's contemporary competitors. I miss it when it goes. Great on long trips.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

16th Feb 2009, 11:12

I like my '03 as well. You can get the power sliding doors to latch again by cleaning the bottom runners with WD 40 and adding a little grease to the wheel. When cleaning the bottom runners, make sure you get everything out of the front recess. You could find a 2 year old happy meal in there.