12th Jun 2011, 16:18

I have the 1998 3.8l Windstar and need help troubleshooting. The Service Engine Soon light is on. The vehicle stalls upon deceleration, usually after under 5 minutes of driving. Runs a little rough when it is idling, but intermittently. DTC at the state emissions facility was P0351- ignition coil no. 1 (primary). Checked that, but could not find a problem. Replaced idle air intake valve and no change. There was a Ford recall 98E03 (Emissions recall) with the exact same issues that required the PCM to be recalibrated. The first Ford dealership that I took it to would not make the repair, said it had already been done. Disconnecting the battery cable temporarily clears the light, but once it stalls it appears again. I have to pass the emissions test to get license plates, but the catalyst, catalyst heater, O2 sensor, O2 heater OBD sensor status indicates "unready". Not original owner, what is the protocol for recall repairs that need to be remade?

Kind thanks.

13th Jun 2011, 09:06

Do you have a black plastic intake manifold? If so, the isolator bolt grommets are likely hardened and leak un-metered air into the intake, causing lean conditions. It will cost you about $50 for the grommets and the seals, and about 4 hours of turning nuts and bolts.

O.K. you didn't mention a lean code, but it still is a possible cause for your troubles.

15th Jun 2011, 22:49

You can check for recalls, technical bulletins and investigations at "safercar.gov".

16th Aug 2011, 05:58

You have to adjust a bolt carefully on the throttle body on the intake, next to the air filter. Just give it a few turns, and your van shouldn't stall any more.

16th Aug 2011, 18:19

I would check first for a clogged fuel filter. Next, I would check for a clogged catalytic converter by doing a vacuum test at the intake manifold. If your vacuum drops as you gradually rev the engine, the cat is the most likely problem. You can check the catalytic converter, too, by driving the car at night. With it warmed up, you can often look underneath the car, and the cat. will be glowing cherry red. That is another sure sign it is clogged. If you have never had a basic tune-up with plugs and wires, fuel filter, do that first.

27th Aug 2018, 03:29

Well the Toyota Siennas have bad struts (leaking) and breaking top mount bearings on them, and some other issues too....