31st Dec 2009, 13:14

I have an '03. They must have changed the wiring. The only other way of fixing it - I imagine - is cleaning or replacing all door switches. To do that one must remove the inner door panels, unbolt the lock mechanism and bend a tab to remove the switch. There are "only" six of them.

I have not done that yet, but I will when it gets warmer.

13th Feb 2010, 02:46

I bought a used 98 Windstar, drove for a while without too many problems.

I just took it to the Ford dealership for a recall notice about a speed control problem. When I got it back, the door ajar light came on along with the noise. As well, until I get my speed up, the alarm for keys left in ignition with door open sounds. I went back to the dealer and got an oh-well, we could check it out for a couple hundred bucks.

p.s. My battery just died. I'm going back to GM for good.

4th Mar 2010, 18:01

I have a 98 Windstar. It has been good; the only problem I have with it is the ding, lights for ajar door. Sometimes it comes on, and after a while it will go away.

The other problem is I have are two codes that keep coming back, and that's for Throttle Position Sensor low input, and for the camshaft. I replaced both of these parts, and it still wants to cut off. When I put in the Throttle Position Sensor, it takes a long time to switch the gears. It's reaching almost 4rpms... if anyone could help me with these problem, it would be great. My e-mail is anthony25831@yahoo.com



27th Apr 2010, 00:55

I too own a 98 Windstar. The problems I've had are the ajar light coming on, however mine stopped about a year and a half ago, it just went out and never came back on.

My problems now are the interior lights stay on and drain my battery, I removed all the bulbs, but there is still something draining my battery. I bought a new battery, connected it and 2 days later it was dead. I thought it might be my alternator had gone bad, so I replaced it only to find I still have the same problem. I parked my van in the garage and left it for a couple of weeks; now when I attempt to start it, it will start, but will not turn over. I've tried everything I can think of, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

16th Feb 2011, 15:58

I have been pretty lucky with my '02 SE Windstar. But when things go wrong, they go very wrong.

It all started when I was making a 2400 mile trek, and the cruise control would not engage. That was a long drive to and back without cruise. I found online that it is very common, and if found early, can keep your car from catching fire. It lead to the latest recall from Ford, to which I filed a case with the National Highway something-or-other. This was the leaking brake fluid problem from the master cylinder. I fixed it myself for $13.00 in parts.

Second problem came when the A/C stopped working in the front and rear. This was an $800.00 fix at a shop. Then as soon as I got that fixed, the air flow actuator broke, so it wouldn't switch from hot to cold; it was just constant. I again looked this up online, bought the part and replaced it (behind the radio console).

A couple months ago, I was driving errands around town, and was at my last stop. Parked, went inside, and when I came out to start the van, nothing. After taking it to a shop, the fuel pump died, with that $350.00 fix, now it is acting up to the point where once I hit about 40MPH, when I lightly touch the gas pedal to speed up, the van starts a hiccuping motion until it catches. Can't seem to find what that issue is, and am scared to find out how much it is going to cost. :-(

28th Feb 2013, 11:09

You need to clean the O2 ports. You have to remove the intake manifold cover, they are located on the intake manifold. Look it up on YouTube. I have a 2002; it did the same thing, and it fixed it.