3rd Nov 2006, 08:56

I bought my 1998 Ford Windstar brand new. At the time of purchase we purchased the additional warranty that brought our warranty up to 100,000. I currently have 122K miles on the van. I have loved my Windstar and have had some problems, but they were always covered under warranty. I did have the dome light that stuck on. We took out the fuse, but I took it into the dealership and the problem never reoccured. I did have my tie rods go out and Ford replaced them and again I never had a problem. I have had Honda's & Toyota's. I really think it doesn't matter what manufacture you have some cars just have more problems then others. I know a lot of people who have the Honda Van and their van has been in the shop more often then in their driveway. Yet if you ask them about it they will go on and on about how much they love their car. I have nothing, but great things to say about this van. I'm ready for something different now only because I don't need a van because my daughters can drive themself everywhere.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:52

I purchased a 1998 Ford Windstar in October 2004. I have replaced the transmission at a cost of 2700 dollars. I also have problems with the interior lights staying on. The power steering pump has whined slightly since I purchased the vehicle. Now the power steering pump and rack n pinion need to be replaced. The engine light came on just before I needed to have it inspected in 2005. It cost me almost 300 dollars to have parts replaced so it would pass inspection. Last month the engine light came on again so I'm sure I will have to shell out some more money to have it pass the next inspection. All in all I would have to say I would never purchase another Ford. Too bad I didn't find this message board before I purchased my vehicle.

8th Jun 2007, 20:09

June, 2007 1998 Windstar with 33,000 km. purchased August 2000 for $21,000. A month after the warranty expired, the door open chime started staying on until I exceeded 25 kph and comes back on when the speed slows to 25 kph or slower. This is now several years of aggravation and when I spoke with a Ford employee in 2004 I was told they have never had this complaint! Most of this last winter in Edmonton, the chime did not come on so I assumed the problem had corrected itself. Not so. Since March the problem occurs most of the time. As soon as I put the key in the ignition I hear the chime! When the key goes in and there is no noise, I know I won't have the chime noise. As well as the chime noise while driving slower than 25 kph, the interior lights stay on for an hour and that battery drain is a problem in cold weather.

12th Jun 2007, 12:16

Did you check for corrosion on the proximity switches on the doors?

12th Jun 2007, 17:37

I'm amazed to read that so many people have the same problems with Ford Windstar 98. Possessed vehicle! Interior lights won't turn off, Chiming for door ajar, and poor idle, stalling and bucking at higher speeds, trac control light on and off. Awful. We have spent about $1500 to fix rough idle and bucking, but still does it.

20th Jun 2007, 19:24

I too have a '98 Windstar GL. Bought it used 3 years ago. Only real complaint I had was the chime going off if I went under 15mph. That just started to happen. We checked everything... turns out all I had to do to get the chime to stop was inflate tires to recommended 35psi. Other than the annoying chime, I love my van... and I'm not a Ford person.

23rd Jul 2007, 13:17

I have a 98 ford Windstar I purchased used four years ago with 109,000 miles on it, have gone from California to Indiana all four years and have had no major problems. I replaced the starter two years ago. I do have 131,000 miles on it now. The only problem I have with it, is when the car is not in motion and it is pouring rain outside, I get a leak over the front windshield inside the car. When driving through the rain, it never leaks inside. Today I am going to try and find out why that happens. Other than that, I think the car is great.

15th Nov 2007, 16:09

I have had 98 Windstar for 9 years. Overall I would say it has lasted well and put up with a lot. The most annoying like everyone is the door ajar light, and the sliding door lock not working. I WD40'd the inside of the sliding door and did the same to the door sensors and wiped those and that seems to fixed it. Thanks to all online who suggested this. I am now having wheel bearing problems. It is starting to be noisy bumpy car with lots of little things going wrong. It is an old car, but mine only has 63,000 miles. I just hope it can make it until I get the last kid out of daycare!

2nd Jan 2008, 22:11

I bought a 98 Windstar new. Within three month's the rack and pinion was changed twice. I should have given it back! Since then I have experienced everything listed previously and more. I even have paint peeling off of the roof which started shortly after the warranty ran out. Fuel pump, tranny, lights (in and out), power window failures, tie rods, struts, ball joints, wheel bearings, seatbelts, radiator, power steering pump (4 times), O2 sensor, calipers, etc...etc...

I fixed everything myself over the years after the warranty ran out and I am now ready to help Ford with my increased mechanical expertise. :)

I do have to admit that the engine has performed very well over the years. That is if none of the 28 sensors fail every two weeks.

I am now changing the wheel bearings again tonight and putting power steering pump #5. Do not mind if it only lasts two years.

20th Jan 2008, 13:02

My 98 GL Windstar has 262k miles on it and overall has been satisfactory considering its age and miles. I bought the van in 2003 with 171K on it. I knew the original owner who kept up all maintenance meticulously. Never had an issue with the interior lights other than side and rear doors not making enough contact at times after closing them. I have power seats as well as windows that have not operated for years. My power steering has groaned forever. How do you add brake fluid to the master cylinder? I can't reach it. My main complaint is having had to replace fuel pump three times.

21st Jan 2008, 19:23

I am an excellent mechanic who LOVES and takes pride in my work. I worked on a 1998 Windstar last week and found the power steering pump whining, front passenger side stabilizer link knocking, rear brakes and drums locking up, engine light on, ABS light flashes, stalling at stops, and many other problems.

Answers: Power Steering noises; remove or drain fluid and refill with one bottle of Lucas Power Steering Sealer top off with power steering fluid.

Knocking noise front end; Stabilizer bar links dried out and thumps when turning. Replace stabilizer links.

ABS sensors rusted or sensor bad causes light to flash on and off.

Engine light; Tune-up needed and possible vacuum leaks.