13th Apr 2005, 00:55

Pathetic! We own a 98 Ford Windstar... what a joke. Lights staying on... ABS not working... stalling on the highway with my wife and three precious children on board. I have had enough. Is there anything we can do?

13th May 2005, 18:32

I wonder if anyone has ever officially gone crazy over the "door ajar" chime continually going off? I also have a 1998 Ford Windstar and I am amazed as I sit here and read this stuff...it's like you all have written about my vehicle. Thanks, at least I know I'm not the only one with the dash board lights, the chimes going off, the transmission failure... but for now..I'm going to go find me one of those funny looking "I LOVE ME" jackets... so I don't hurt anyone when I go crazy.

7th Jun 2005, 17:52

GOT YOU ALL BEAT! Got a 2000 Windstar, top model. Has had 2 transmissions, and a rebuilding of the second. Have had the sliding doors in numerous times for either not shutting all the way, shutting all the way, and not opening, even one time opening while driving in town.

Inside lights have been known for staying on or (the worst one) not coming on at night. Clunking sound in front of vehicle, especially on left turns. Since this is now the fifth year, it's nice to celebrate it with another brand new battery, #5. One battery a year.

ABS module had to be replaced, Power Seat motor replaced, A/C checked on several times, liftgate light had problems, even GEN MODULE was replaced.

ALL this was under warranty, now that it is out, the driver power window motor is kaput, same with the power seat (again), the cruise, NOW to top it off the Sensors in front of the steering wheel are crazy, no odometer, no speedometer, failure notices, ABS light on, and the the AC went again. Battery is now drained.

No help from FORD or DEALERSHIPS, hopefully a lawyer will help before I beat this $30000 vehicle to smithereens, it's not worth a dime anyway.

9th Jun 2005, 03:23

June 9, 2005.

In September 2001 I purchased a 1997 Windstar. Very shortly after that I experienced the now popular "Interior Light Syndrome". Usually after I opened then closed the sliding door. My lights fortunately, would go off after about 30 minutes if left alone in the parked mode. Not something you like doing at night as you leave your vehicle in a parking lot heading in to see a live band, a movie or for dinner. I cleaned the contacts with WD-40 and that worked for a while. I ended up avoiding the use of the sliding door all together for a number of months. Unfortunately, the back door, perhaps feeling left out, decided to get in on the action and if not closed just right, gave me the ILS as well.

Fast forward to about 1 week ago and the lights by now have started coming on whenever the mood suites them, including while I'm driving. The battery gets drained one night and of course the van would not start the next morning. After spending $ 260 having new side door contacts put in resulting in a temporary fix of the ILS, the problem returned within hours. I guess the back door latches need to be looked at now.

I've had Tie Rods replaced numerous times over the years, but attributed that to me driving significantly more than the average person. I now see that my assumption was wrong. I've also experienced the stalling and again summed it up to just the normal wear and tear. My wipers stared activating themselves a while back so I had the switch (turn signal, headlight, wipers) replaced only to have the problem re-emerge. I've resorted to pulling the fuse just as I have for the ILS. How could I forget, I've been without speedometer, cruise control, and overdrive for so long I forgot they were features on the vehicle when I bought it. The ABS, windshield fluid, and check engine lights are also illuminated constantly so I've learned to ignore them.

I don't think that this problem of defective automobiles will be addressed any time soon. The fact that a handful of us have taken the time to vent on this site when many million vehicles leave dealerships' lots every year speaks volumes. We are all too busy with other more, dare I say it, (serious) life issues to be bothered to take any real stand against the manufacturers.

18th Oct 2005, 12:58

I am a owner of a 1998 Ford Windstar. I too am having a interior light problem, motor dying when stopping. I just got off the phone with FORD, she said people need to call them and let them know about the problems they are having. The more calls the more the problems can be addressed. 1-800-392-3673 follow the prompts. The lady I talked to seemed to be very sincere.

My light problem, I think might be located in the steering column. If the steering wheel is in any of the up positions the lights will stay on. If the steering wheel is in the all the way down position, the lights will stay off. The local FORD dealer, however, cannot give a estimate on fixing it.

2nd Mar 2006, 22:05

My girlfriend and I own a 1998 ford wind star gl. The power steering pump whines, stop leak in the radiator, engine mount broken. Nice on the outside and inside. Big gas hog. Worst used car I ever bought.Havent had any light problems yet.Transmission is probably going out too.

10th Sep 2006, 18:51

I really feel for all the posters on this board. Of course, rarely does someone find a board like this and say "Wow, what a great car!!!" You usually find it because you are researching problems, hence the negative reviews.

This has been a good, reliable vehicle for us. We paid $13,900 in March 2000 for a 98 with 31K miles. We have since replaced the fuel pump, alternator, and idle air control valve. We have a leak in our power steering pump or steering gear now, which is how I found this site. We also 111K miles on it. It has never stranded us, drives great, and we have no complaints given our cost until now.

Highly recommended!

17th Sep 2006, 22:34

I have a 1995 Windstar. It has blown head gaskets twice... Ford reimbursed for the first, the second time it was 3,000 miles out of warranty. (Their customer service reminds me of the credit card commercial that always says NO!!!). I too have replaced window motors that I got out of junked vans for $20, rather than pay them $350 to replace one that won't work as soon as the warranty runs out. OMG, the interior light, I would drive around town at night for 20 minutes before it would go off, when we got home it would stay on... I pulled the fuse after getting a late night call from the neighbor about the darned thing.

I have recently replaced the transmission, but with 175,000 miles on it I guess that wasn't too bad.

I am now trying to find a power steering pump pulley that fits right... we have tried 3 that were supposed to be the right one and broke the belts every time, we even had to make a tool to fit the tensioner pulley because nothing we rented would work.

I will not buy another Ford again and am looking at foreign cars... what a shame... the powers that be at Ford should be made to drive one 50,000 miles or till the wheels fall off... which ever comes first.