5th May 2004, 16:22

The ticking noise might be the air intake plenum on top of the intake manifold. I took my Windstar to a dealer over a ticking noise when the engine is running. Mine problem was intermittent. They found that the plastic plenum was warped. They told me there is a TSB on this. In my case if you pull on the back of the plenum the sound stops. Hope this helps, doesn't look to difficult to change, haven't got to mine yet.

16th Jul 2008, 20:35

I got my 2000 Ford Windstar on 11/09/2007 with 88,899 miles on it. Today is 7/16/2008, and I had to drive 2 hours over to Indiana because we lost our other good van in the flood.

On the way back, while turning left at a light, I heard a bang and it felt like my Windstar wanted to put itself in reverse. After that, every time I had to slow down or stop, upon taking back off, the transmission would slip and miss something fierce. And even try to accelerate on its on.

Yes, this was a used van, but only being 8 years old you would think the transmission wouldn’t even be ready to drop out from under it. I just wish my Silhouette was here and this Ford was the one under water. I miss that good running never broke down Oldsmobile.

I’ve had it 8 months and already had to put $500. In it the belts keep squealing. FEMA isn’t going to do anything for us, and now this van is crap. I could write bad of a van it is and use it for a billboard for Ford. Class Action law suit sounds real good on these lemons.

The brake lights have done the same thing over and over; drain the battery down, and I have to get a jump. I have to press real hard on the brake to make them go off. Can’t leave the lights on auto because they won't go off like they should. This van has been a nightmare to me.